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Roland Grey (and Zara Serena Freya)- Tower of Oculus, Ekilore

Zara stretched and grinned. During the whole spiel, she had taken to sitting on the floor and yawning every few minutes even though she wasn't tired. Like most of the others, she was rather curious about the monks and the prophecy and the like. After all, she didn't really believe in fate or anything spiritual like that. Still, it would help people and a swordsman's first duty was to help people. Plus, it seemed like it was going to interesting. Zara's grin widened, this time not fake at all.

"I'm in," she stated, still grinning.

With the latest individual accepting, that made all but Percival and Roland to have yet accepted the monks offer. Roland gazed into the monk's eyes. It was a strange feeling Roland had whenever the monk spoke. It was as if everyone word he uttered demanded absolute attention, as if everything he said would be important. Roland had met few men in his life that had his effect on him. It was usually him who would have the effect on another, or so he imagined. He knew very many who admired him this way, after all. But this was different. When the monk finished addressing Crystia, he addressed the rest of them, with the same imposing voice that demanded their respect and attention. The mention of magic distilled a bit of anxiety in Roland, none of which he physically displayed, but instead harbored inside of him. Magic was, after all, a rarity of the current times, and many subjects related to it was often considered taboo. Roland didn’t like the artifacts origin from that area.

Yet what the monks said next made Roland think. The goal of creating something that this world desperately needed was enticing. But it was as the monks said: Was it worth the quest? Roland thought it over. His loyalty lied with Hector and Reigncliff foremost. He would want nothing more than to see his lord sit upon the thrown of Ethora, which is his rightful position. Roland would do anything to bring him there. If what the monks said was true, this orb could help bring him there. Through Roland’s fame and reputation upon its completion, he could be boosted into a more respectable position, which would no doubt help in Hector’s claim to the thrown. But besides all of that, Roland truly recognized that there was something wrong with Aerion. Maybe it was always like this. Maybe it only recently became thus. Either way, it was in need of fixing, and Roland could think of no one more capable of doing so than himself. But what if he was wrong? What if this ended up making things worse? Roland weighed the options, before making up his mind. His pulled out his sword from its sheath.

“This quest is indeed befitting of one such as me. I vow to gather these shards and place them back together. I will not falter, and every foe that will stand in my way, no matter where he may hail from, shall be felled in pursuit of this cause. Let it be known that upon this day, Roland of the House Grey, champion of Reigncliff, will see this mission done.”

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