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Going to my usual route as usual, I dueled with Cynthia again. She's tough as usual, that she managed to take my Altaria down this time (good thing I have tons of Max Revives, used it once). And I saw Wailord in Marine Tube after about two months. And I've making a parade in HeartLand (my Join Avenue) to celebrate its title as "Terrific Avenue" because it hits Rank 50. Currently resting in Icirrus City, have decided to evolve my Sunkern to become Sunflora.

My teams as of now:

Bluheart ♀ Level 100
- Sky Attack
- Dragon Pulse
- Fly
- Flamethrower

Chimmy ♂ Level 100
- Flare Blitz
- Acrobatics
- Close Combat
- Flame Wheel

Zebstrika ♂ Level 72
- Flame Charge
- Pursuit
- Discharge
- Wild Charge

Gold-1 ♀ Level 71
- Aqua Tail
- Hydro Pump
- Confusion
- Water Pulse

Shine ♂ Level 71
- Giga Drain
- SolarBeam
- Double-Edge
- Seed Bomb

Soother ♂ Level 75
- Take Down
- Surf
- Double-Edge
- Secret Power