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    Elene Merlin
    General School Grounds
    Elene watched the boy's attempts at conversation with nothing but mocking in her head, with perhaps a small dash of pity and a pinch of potential pride at preparing the pathetic peon for proper people. Though she didn't show many of her emotions on her face, for the moment, a few general gestures of polite society were made. A quirked eyebrow here and a small nod there, just enough to keep them talking until something interesting was said. His family name was unusual, and she wondered what brand of dimwit forgot their own personal name, but what made her pay the most attention was his final sentence.

    "You did well enough, I suppose, but one should bow upon meeting a lady such as myself." Elene explained, mimicking a bow to let the boy know what one should look like, before she met his eyes and spoke firmly, with the melodic voice that would turn attention to her. "But monsters? If you're using it to imply a sense of terrible grandeur, then thank you!" She flashed a small smile, for fear of opening her mouth to wide and revealing her fangs. "I'd rather you didn't, however. It's a horribly demeaning word." She spoke firmly, to make sure the words stuck in Frio's head.

    Some form of commotion rose over yonder, where some dick was yelling about grooves or and daring to do things. In truth, Elene's thoughts were much less pompous than what she articulated, and would be far more crass if she hadn't been in the mood to tutor. Such a loud person it was, who didn't seem to understand the concept of civility or true culture. Who even used the term groove any more? Marilyn may have, but only when she was caressing some dancing video-game or using it ironically. She stared past Frio's shoulder for just long enough to see another boy's stunned reaction, before he began to depart with a conversation.

    Such was life. She'd just need to avoid the loud fellow.
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