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The general idea of Good vs. Evil is generally apparent in pokemon games, with the speculation of Gen 6 not being any different. However, in these games, will it be possible that 'true evil' is applied to pokemon? Now, the main reason this thread has been created, is because I've saw some heavy speculation that perhaps pokemon's willpower will become a key role in this games' plot. And this willpower... might be bad. Or 'evil'. So, will there be an abundance of good and evil, not necessarily applied to humans, but to pokemon? Do you think that 'evil will powered' pokemon will become apparent in these games? Or, could there be pokemon be represented by "evil"? What does this evil appeal might mean for this generation of the pokeworld?

First of all, recognize that it's understandable that pokemon can't be 'truly' evil, but only simply follow the commands of their trainers - who can be good or bad trainers, depending on what decision making they do. However, what if the world in pokemon can manifest a willpower that would not appeal to ethical tastes? Or if you take a look at 'evil' from a philosophical belief, it can portrayed as a 'lack of goodness'. For example, Mewtwo on the First Pokemon Movie - he thought that humans were greedy, selfish beings, and he hated the pokemon that served them, so he himself created a plot to round up trainers together, and seized their pokemon, creating carbon copies of them. Well, some people call that 'evil', some call it a misunderstanding, but it can still be portrayed as a 'lack of goodness'.

Well, eh, bear with me, just to bounce some ideas, take a look at a theory that I've seen that people are making about Xerneas & Yveltal. Could they represent good and evil? If you've looked at a previous thread I made, Scientific Waves, it talks about how there maaaay be possibilities that Xerneas can represent light. Yuveltal may represent darkness, and the whole light vs darkness can be portrayed as symbols:

  • Purity
  • Order
  • Safety
  • Righteousness
  • Possibly Dictatorship

  • Uncertainty
  • Tragedy
  • Freedom
  • Alienation
  • Blindness

The bad traits generally outweighs the positive traits of darkness, so would Yuveltal be 'bad' in a poetic sense? Or in a more philosophical sense, have a 'lack of goodness'?

Well, then again, look at another theory - since there are going to be about 50-70 more pokemon, eventually we'll get to pokemon #666. According to western tastes, 666 generally means the 'hour of the beast' or just general triple unlucky numbers. What could pokemon 666 represent; could it represent an idea of believed "evil", like.. some sort of devil? Then again, pokemon doesn't really use religious beliefs in their general themes, and Japan usually pictures the number '4' as an unluckier number than '666', in which '444' was Gabite. Then again, would it appeal to international beliefs and use pokemon 666 as an 'evil' belief?

Then again, could "evil" pokemon be simply created by humans? Ie. Shadow pokemon. Cipher created Shadow pokemon, which are pokemon who's 'hearts' are closed by artificial means. Especially Lugia, or XD001. These Shadow Pokemon are violent - even so much that they'd attack trainers during battle. Could these games have pokemon that act similar to Shadow Pokemon?

Any other thoughts? Again, do you think there could be 'evil' pokemon in these games?

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