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    Finally got my SU done

    Name: Rutack ShadowBlade (AKA: the Shadow)
    Gender: male

    Appearance at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description as well): strong and noble, Rutack prefers to wear lighter armor, to allow him to be virtually undetected. His Eyes are green, he has a “V” shaped build from his many years of swimming, in lakes, rivers, and even the ocean. He prefers a deep forest green cloak and leather armor than the bulky heavy armor used by knights. His face is chiseled out at an angle giving him a square jaw and a slightly triangular face. He often has a long bow, arrows, and can be seen wielding two swords. his body is finely tuned for his special line of work, he was trained to have a decent endurance when running, and swimming, his legs are well built, his arms strong enough to lift and throw a bale of straw. He has rather long legs, and a long torso, giving him a total height of 5ft 9in. his wingspan (length from fingertip to fingertip) is two inches short of 6ft, giving him an impressive reach. He also has a rectangular piece of black cloth he uses for his infiltration mission, this allows him to breath safely in Shade’s black fog

    Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied): mostly quiet, a little rough around the edges, he’s determined to get whatever tasks that have been asked of him done, quick and right. He can’t take a joke very easily, although he has a great sense of humor. He believes that through war comes peace, and through peace comes prosperity, and from prosperity comes war. He is humble, he knows his weaknesses, his strengths and his abilities, and takes no pride in them. He is quick and quiet making him the perfect individual for infiltration

    History (At least two full paragraphs): he grew up in to a family of knights, and he lived by the knight’s code of honor. He lived and grew up in Issathon, since his parents were knights of the king. He learned from the best of knights. He enjoyed living amoung nobles, although many made fun of him because he spent most of his time in the water, he however could easily beat them in a duel. At the age of eighteen and at the end of his education, each student must pick an occupation and show their skills in the job they chose before the king and the other nobles. Many chose to be knights, but Rutack chose to be an infiltrator. He used his spells to help his show his abilities as an infiltrator.

    The king was very impressed in Rutack’s skills and requested in private that he be one of the king’s royal infiltrators. Rutack Accepted, but told the king to give him a two year pilgrimage into the wild, since he wished to uphold the family tradition. The King agreed to let him have his two year pilgrimage before he swore to the king. He left on his pilgrimage the following day, he traveled all throughout the land avoiding as many cities and villages as he could. At the end of his first year he found an abandoned Shadow Drake cavern. As he explored the cavern he came across an un-hatched egg. He paused for a moment, studying the egg. Then he put the egg in the pack he had on his back, and left the cavern.

    Shortly (about a month) after Rutack found the egg in the cavern and took it with him, the egg hatched, revealing a fierce looking drake with a sharp pointed jaw, muscular frame and semi-translucent wings, and eerie green eyes. Rutack named the dragon Shade; they finished Rutack’s pilgrimage together, Rutack feeding the young Drake meat, and milk. They had a bond from the day Shade hatched, although still young the dragon has grown large enough to be ridden.

    Occupation: an Infiltrator, sworn to King Johar Ulond; a warrior that acts as a spy and a scout, they are masters of stealth and are often sworn to a particular leader, the infiltrators do what ever they can to complete the task given, whether it’s sabotage, assassination, or just plain observance; the infiltrators do it all.

    Spells known (include a description of how the spells work and what they do. Remember, nothing too powerful. If your character doesn't know any spells, leave this blank):
    Skry: a spell that allows him to see a snapshot of an individual, for a limited time, (about 10 seconds)
    heal: a simple heal spell that alows him to heal himself or others, only lasts about 10 seconds
    Flare: a simple distraction flare illusion that helps him draw attention away from where he’s at
    Serpent’s strike: a deadly spell that allows him to strike an enemy with the accuracy, lethality, and speed of a snake, it enhances any weapon he may be using.
    Darkness: a simple spell that surrounds the user in pitch black fog.

    Dragon Species: Shadow Drake

    Name: Shade
    Gender: Male
    Age (adolescent, adult, or ancient): adolescent
    Description (at least one full paragraph. You may add a picture, but I still want a written description): Translucent wings, eerie green eyes, and scales black as night with no stars or moon. Shade is a silent dragon with a menacing look that makes him feared by most around him. His body is muscular, strong enough to take down a castle wall… or hold it up. His scales are a midnight black, with no stars or moon, so black that it looks like his scales are made of obsidian. He has black menacing looking spikes coming from his the back of his head neck and near the tip of his tail. Most people who see him run.

    Personality (at least one full paragraph. I may ask for more if I'm not satisfied): Shade is Loyal to his trainer, He knows no family except Rutack, and would protect him with his life. He doesn’t let the fact that others run away from him wherever he is. He’s silent and uses his silence and the black fog he breaths to help his trainer in his infiltration, he is always listening for his master’s call. He is rather wise for his age. He is for the most part friendly but if he sees someone or something as a threat to Rutack or himself, he will attack and not hold back. He doesn’t trust many people, the one way to tell if he trusts you is, if he will take food from your hand, and let you scratch his head. He takes very good care of himself, keeping himself strong and able for whenever Rutack may need him.

    RP Sample (I don't care if it's a post from another RP, or a one you've just written up. Just as long as it's good):
    it was dusk. Rutack sat on a small wooden stool in the dragon stables, next to his Dragon, Shade’s head… waiting… how he hated waiting… he was waiting for the king’s messenger to hand him his orders… Shade was laying down, obviously board and hating the waiting as well. Shade was longing for action and adventure. “Take it easy Shade,” Rutack said calmly to his dragon, “in time it’ll be only you and me again, in the night sky.” The Drake purred at the thought, comforted. Rutack heard approaching footsteps and looked up. The messenger was about ten paces away and approaching. When the Messenger arrived Rutack stood to greet him. The messenger looked cautiously at Shade then back at Rutack and with a shaking hand gave Rutack a sealed letter from the king. Rutack thanked the messenger, who ran off faster than he came. Rutack opened the letter he read it:
    Rutack Shadowblade

    By order of King Johar Ulond you are to seek out and observe the young Noble, Thia Rondamar, she is currently a wandering mercenary… use EXTREAM CAUTION. You are to simply observe her. You are to keep her alive at all costs.

    King Johar Ulond

    Rutack put the letter in a leather pouch on his saddle bags, and jumped onto Shade, who roared with delight, ready to finally be off and out of this fortress city. at midnight Shade and Rutack took to the skies in the cover of night. As they traveled over the forest they looked around for any sign of the one named Thia Rodamar. eventually they found a clearing in the forest to land. Rutack came up with a plan to hopefully find their quarry, he had Shade in a 10 mile radious spread his dark fog thougout the forest, except in the clearing. Shade went off to perform the task required, while Rutack, prepared a bright fire in the clearing, sat himself down on a stump near the fire and prepared to see what kind of fruit this tactic would bear.
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