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    Marcus couldn't hide his disappointment at his failure to capturethe Pikachu, but he was even worse at hiding his displeasure of evenmore having shown up. Snorunt was near defeat as it was, another round of electric mice wasn't exactly in his best interest. Running wasn't an option though, so he took a deep breath and gave his Pokemon its first order of the restarted battle.

    "Snorunt lets start with Icy Wind!" Luck had begun to favor Marcus, as soon as the words had left his mouth an impatien tPikachu had cockily lunged at Snorunt without any support. It had jumped into the air, intent to deliver the final blow, but found itself frozen solid. The Pikachu encased in ice was probably unhappy, but from the looks on its friend's faces -- they were unhappier.

    The sound of rain hitting the ground and his own heartbeat were the only sounds heard as the two groups eyed each other. Each of them trying to decide what the best course of action was. Marcus was pretty sure that he wouldn't win the battle ahead, but if he could take enough of them out of it he could hope for the rest to run in fear of being defeated similarly.

    Until then, he would have to fight. Something Snorunt was willing, but almost rendered unable to do.

    “Snorunt use Icy Wind on the puddle!” Marcus commanded. Snorunt complied, the chilling winds it emitted being cold enough to transform the once peaceful liquid into a solid prison that entrapped any of the Pikachu who had been unable to escape it in time. Marcus smiled at the sight of his immobilized opponents, they were left helpless to his attacks. “Powder Snow.” The Pikachu were hit bythe chilling Ice type move, several of them eliminated from the fight while the rest that had been entrapped continued to struggle for freedom.

    Those that hadn't been trapped though had launched their counter as multiple bolts of yellow narrowly missed Snorunt, the creature being pushed to its limits as it struggle to avoid being struck. “Double Team!” The call had probably saved his Pokemon, the illusions that had surrounded it having taken most of the blows for it.

    Marcus tried to get an accurate number of his opponents as he formulated his counterattack, but found their wild moving to be to much opposition. The boss Pikachu, however, had stayed still as it stood on the metal trash can at the end of the alley, serving the role of overseer as it recovered energy. It still looked grim for Marcus though, his only advantages being his opponent's independence– each of them working by themselves rather than them following a single plan – and the fact that they were strays which probably meant most of them weren't in the best health to begin with.

    The Pikachu that acted as the leader of the pack, however, was different. It was the same as the rest in the fact that it was a stray, yet its drive to win and strength was beyond the others. Marcus was willing to bet that its level wasn't any greater than the rest, yet it was still conscious unlike many of the other participants that had been there since the battle's start. The samething could be said for Snorunt the more Marcus thought about it, but Pikachu had been trained and was reintroduced to a foreign environment whereas Snorunt had been on its own from the start.

    The battle quickly escalated into sheer chaos. Marcus relying heavily on Double Team to avoid battle ending attacks from afar and using Icy Wind to inflict a damaging counter to those that had decided to finish it physically. It had worked for a while, the horde of Pikachu actually thinning out as time passed. Many fleeing with their defeated friends, but that didn't make it easier to win for their numbers still far outweighed him and Snorunt.

    “Bite!” Marcus called to the Pokemon, decided that giving it a specific target unnecessary as hitting any of the Pikachu that were attacking them was a good outcome.

    “Pika, pi!” The leader Pikachu shouted. It was something important about the battle as the entire horde stopped their attacks, each of them turning to listen to what it was saying.

    “I sure wish I could understand what they were saying, but I guess it doesn't matter. Icy Wind!” The Pikachu had avoided the attack, their minds back into the fight as they each carried renewed hope in their tired eyes. It hadn't struck Marcus as odd that they had suddenly opted to attack him one at a time at a close range, not until luck no longer favored him that is. It had been about the fifth Bite attack ordered on a lone Pikachu trying to use Tackle when it happened – Snorunt seized up.

    “Static... they were playing the odds.” Marcus could tell it was paralyzed from the way the Pokemon's constant shivering even seemed to cease, the electricity that bounced around its triangular body only confirmed his suspicions. He had to admit that it was a smart plan, but it only made the prospect of his Snorunt's status effectively ending the battle before any attack could all the more painful. He saw the horde of Pikachu ready their next attacks with evil grins on many of their faces, but Marcus knew it was unneeded.

    “I surrender,” Marcus began, moving so he stood between Snorunt and the Pikachu, “You win. I see no need to put my Pokemon through pain any longer with the outcome of the battle obvious to everyone.” Marcus explained. The Pikachu eyed him wearily, as if it would turn out to be some kind of trick. “I would like to call a truce and leave. You'll never see me again should you not want too.” He hoped that he would get at least one of the Pikachu to become moved by his words and decide to go with him, but it was a long shot that would most likely only happen within cartoon shows.

    Marcus eyed the Pikachu with curiosity, hoping they would let him go. He no longer had any Pokemon to fight them with that would last more than a single attack. He hated the thought, but he would just have to admit defeat and leave without another member to add to his team to justify what he had went through.

    It would take a miracle to win if they decline and attacked, but as he gripped Snorunt's pokeball he felt confident that he could return it and at least spare it from the onslaught that would follow.
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