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    Originally Posted by InfectedBeast View Post
    i just want a game where it has`all the regions in it. to be honest
    Why are people still asking for this? While I am fairly sure a game like that is technically possible (as in, 3DS carts have enough memory to do it, though who knows with this generation's step into 3D), it doesn't really make sense.

    Traveling through one region gets you somewhere in the range of Lv50 - Lv60. Unless they pulled a GSC's Kanto with incredibly short, plotless regions after the first one, there is no way they'd be able to have a decent level curve. By the end of the second region, literally every trainer would be throwing Lv100's at you, and that's just boring.

    If they take away your trained Pokemon and make you start over, how would that be different than having separate games on separate carts?

    Anyway, as for the actual topic - while it is a bit obvious that we will be getting a new region, a new adventure with new Pokemon in an old region would be very interesting. I'd love to see Hoenn again with a totally different plot (personally, I'd rather see RSE sequels than RSE remakes).
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