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    Originally Posted by jessemkv View Post
    I have Black 2

    I am trying to breed a Dratini with Adamant Nature and Perfect IV's in attack

    I have a Male Dratini with outstanding potential, and "fantastic" attack, its characteristic is "Proud of its power." And it has an Adamant Nature.

    I also have a Female Dratini with "Relatively Superior" potential, and "fantastic" attack, its characteristic is also "Proud of its power." And it's nature is also Adamant.

    I know the female has to hold an everstone to pass down the nature to its egg,

    I was wondering if I should equip the male with a Power Bracer. I know Power Bracer passes down its holders Attack IV's, but I am not sure how it works exactly. Does Power Bracer ONLY grantee that its best stat will be its attack? Or does it pass down the parents attack stat exactly how it is, "fantastic" which means a pokemon will not hatch with a "it can't better" attack unless the parent too has a "can't be better" attack stat. In other words, all of thee eggs will have a "fantastic" attack stat only.
    Since Gen 5 the mother or father can pass dow the nature at 100% chance if it holds ever stone
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