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    Originally Posted by HackChu View Post
    And also, the reason the name is Green is because Red/Green were the first games. He got changed to Blue because of the International release of Blue version. In the japanese games he is Green, and that's all that matters.
    While that may be true, this is an English-language game. The circumstances regarding the naming of the characters ultimately don't matter, because no matter what, the official localized name for the rival in the original Pokemon games is Blue. The circumstances don't matter, because he has appeared as recently as Black 2/White 2 as the name Blue, and that is his official localized name.

    But ultimately the official games don't matter at all anyways, since this is my hack, which I've stated multiple times is a separate canon from the Pokemon games. So, I, Chaos Rush, am confirming right here and now that the rival's canonical name in Pokemon DarkViolet is Blue.

    EDIT: Also, Prof. Oak nor Bill is NOT the new Gym Leader. It's pretty obvious in the alpha who the mystery Gym Leader will be by a certain characters dialogue...

    Originally Posted by metalflygon08 View Post
    Yeesh people let's get back to talking about the hack, like, how awesome it is going to be to have our 1st Gym Battles next release?

    Are the Gym Leaders going to use their RBGY look? or will it be FRLG? or even the HGSS styles?

    I know the sprites are in the DS style, but GL fashion changes regularly in the Kanto leader's cases.
    Well actually...

    you're going to think I suddenly went crazy but...

    they're going to have their HG/SS outfits. Because:
    *I like them better and I get to decide whatever I want lol
    *In Black 2/White 2, all the Hoenn Gym Leaders have their outfits unchanged from R/S/E, while the Kanto Gym Leaders have their HG/SS outfits.
    *I've already made R/S/E-styled overworld sprites of the Gym Leaders in their HG/SS outfits (they look pretty awesome)
    *I hate the Pokemon anime. I love how Misty in HG/SS looks absolutely nothing like she does in the anime. The farther away I can take DarkViolet from the anime, the better
    *In the Celebi event in HG/SS, Giovanni already has his trench coat, even though Lyra/Ethan states that the event took place 3 years ago during FR/LG. So for consistency, Giovanni will have his HG/SS trenchcoat in DarkViolet, and all the other Gym Leaders will have their HG/SS outfits as well.
    *I have not yet decided on what outfit Lance will have. His FR/LG is basically exactly the same as his G/S/C outfit, but his HG/SS outfit looks more "modern". (also keep in mind that I altered Kamon's shirt to how it is in G/S/C, but in the planned DarkViolet sequel, Kamon's shirt will be back to what it is in HG/SS)

    I know it sounds like a pretty crazy decision, but I've thought it over and it's final. But then you may wonder, wouldn't it create outfit inconsistency because I've already made Blue use his FR/LG outfit?

    Well, I have an answer to that. Remember in Pokemon Red/Green/Blue, when during the final battle with your rival, his sprite has him wearing a new coat that he wasn't wearing in previous battles?