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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Unova with new Pokemon. I'd want this and willingly play through this. In fact, I badly need this. GameFreak, please?

    It won't happen but I'd definitely be excited. :333 /#1 Unova fan
    In this hypothetical scenerio I would hate that...going through Unova for a third time in a row... I rather have Kanto in 3D thank you very much.

    If they were to do this hypothetically I would like them to do Hoenn (number 1 Hoenn fan), or if not Sinnoh as it's my second fav. Third choice is Johto, fourth is Kanto and as I said my last choice would be Unova...

    Well if we get remakes I'll get my 3D Hoenn and... maybe even...Kanto...
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