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Elise Fennetté (Fen-net-tay)
Nickname: Call her any shortening of her name you wish (or call her by her last name). (Ex. Els, Fenn, Lise, Eli, Tay)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Specie: Youko
Personality: Elise is a caring, generous person with a well directed moral compass. She isn't much for speaking though, especially to people who call for a lot of attention. Rather she tries to connect with the less social students. She has a high tolerance level, and is not easily agitated. She does not enjoy violence and is not quick to befriend those that do. One of her flaws is her rather low academic intelligence, falling below average, she has a hard time learning. She also puts others before herself (which is good but it also means she does more community service than studying). Elise does not hate humans, as a matter of fact she acts rather human.

History: As a child she was separated from her parents due to their destructive tendencies in the human world (they caused many forest fires, and house fires and were captured and imprisoned by Youkai authorities). The Youkai that arrested her parents had not know of her existence and she was left alone at the age of 5. Fortunately she was discovered and taken in by a kindergarten teacher and her therapist husband.

Both of her host parents lived a minimal life where most of their money went to helping their community and keeping Elise happy. They lived under a house that rejects materialistic and selfish views. Elise grew up very happy, and loved humans. It should be noted that her parents knew of her Youkai form, but believed her to be a blessed creature rather than a monster, Elise just naturally learned to keep a huan form as she got older.

Eventually Elise's trouble learning in school made her parents reconsider which school she should go to. After searching for a good school, a letter to the Youkai Academy was sent to their house. Though they didn't know anything about the school, the letter convinced them that it would be perfect for Elise. Elise enjoys the idea of going to school there, (but she doesn't know it is a monster academy).

Weakness: Unaware of Youkai's existences, lacks academic intelligence, much too kind
Other: This is the character intended for that teacher. I also intend her to be the person that brings the players together (I think like 4 characters including mine are shy or friendless, and two are rather aggressive).
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