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    I'd like to see one that would go through some sort of think similar to Pokemon Black and White 2's. However, I would like something like a Victory Island, a sort of labyrinth of an island, where you are searching for a sort of item that will let you into the Pokemon league championship. It could go something like this: You surf to the island, You make it through the tall-grass jungle and into a cave, you journey through the cave and come out through what appears to be the ancient ruins of a temple of Rayquaza (just listed a random legendary), then you can go around a sort of volcano where you can find the other fossil you didn't pick, you then arrive at a "camp" for trainers, where you can heal (there were doctors on the way though also) you meet the old champion there, who is leading trainers to the World League, he offers you to use his old area, which has a PC, and he will offer you some sort of item (like a Max Revive), you will then journey through a sort of jungle area, except there seems to be a sort of jungle tribe living there. They will battle you in Pokemon battles and stuff, and you finally find your way on the edge of a cliff, where the tribal leader offers to give you the item in exchange for the item, you beat him etc., etc. THE END! Happy ending! Now go get killed by the Elite Four!
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