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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    No, you can't switch your team assignments.
    i wouldn't be switching types i was just choosing a different pokemon under rock if i must go back to golem i will but i want archen to evolve so when i need to fly somewhere it can unless i need to completely restart and if so woo there goes the last 3hours of my life


    i caught Rocketman the Genesect and Melon the Archen
    Fought Hugh and destroyed him (wish i had others so Rocketman would be in the box until like 6th gym but whatever)
    Saved the Herdier from team plasma
    alder pulled me aside for some one on one training with his grandchildren
    Fought Roxanne this battle was very easy with Rocketman, he swept her entire team
    Fought Cheren this battle was also very easy with rocketman and melon, i have the game on Challenge mode yet there is no challenge hehe
    Saw Roxie talking to her dad
    Caught Deadmau the Wooper
    Deadmau the wooper evolved into a Quagsire
    Did some training got everyone to lvl 21
    Fought Brawly and won Melon was a beast with wing attack taking out most of his guys
    Fought Roxie and won Rocketman took everything except koffing out the challenge is increasing already yay
    Did the Pokewood thing
    Became famous
    fought team plasma
    arrived in castelia city
    Teamed up with Hugh to fight team plasma
    Caught Tina the Vulpix

    Team so far
    Rocketman Genesect
    serious nature lvl 23
    Magnet bomb/flame charge/metal claw/screech

    Melon Archen
    rash nature lvl 23
    quick attack/double team/wing attack/rock throw

    Deadmau Quagsire
    Relaxed nature lvl 22
    water gun/slam/acid spray/mud bomb

    Tina vulpix
    careful nature lvl 20
    flame burst/confuse ray/imprison/faint attack