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    Pokémon Chaos Mind started 4 months ago. It has been developing more rapidly then usally these days. The plot of this game will be different and unique, just how I like it. This is using Essentials 10. The graphics will be FRLG because most graphics on Essentials are FRLG. I am very proud to present this to PC, as it is the first RMXP pokemon project that I successfully made without errors.

    As a user of RM2K3, I want to try something new. I have used RMXP enough to know how it works.

    Main Plot: Main Plot: You are 13 years old. As the son\daughter of the champion, you were really lucky. You embark on a quest to find out the mystery of team Chaos Mind, what they desire to do, and why.

    Team Chaos Mind is a evil organization with a unknown purpose. They lurk every where causing chaos, saying its for the good of our kind. They say to have only one weakness, the Chaos Necklace. They desire the necklaces because they are their life-force. They currently wield the Chaos Necklace, but they struggle to keep hold of it because of the life force of the Pokemon dragging it away.

    Your dad explains to you about the how the world started and how Pokémon saved all mankind from Team Chaos Mind long ago. Your dad tells you to find out more about team Chaos Mind, and he sends you to his PKMN Champion Study Lab to get a Pokémon, although your mother Minerva highly disagrees. She thinks its best that you stay home and learn life skills. You go anyway, determined to get your starter Pokémon and begin your journey.

    Along the journey, you discover many Gym Leaders and many many secrets. There are many challenges ahead of you, and many accomplishments to beat. You are a proud trainer, and seek good out of the evil. You see the Chaos Mind as a destructive obstacle to your destiny, and you do what you can to stop it from ruining your fate.TO be continued.

    Story of long ago:
    A long time ago, Chaos Ruled the earth. Everyone lived in brutality and no peace remained. A team named Chaos mind recked havoc among earth, stole from the poor, gained but did not give. The leader of this team was unknown. Then, where humanity needed it the most, Pokémon suddenly appeared, in many different varieties, like Reshiram, or Zeckrom, Shieldon, or Groudon. The Pokémon saved the people. Celebi grew grass and forests. Heatran created fire. Roserade planted flowers to keep the earth healthy, and many more Pokémon. The Pokémon sucked the evil energy off of the Chaos Necklace and released into good energy.

    Pokémon like you never have before. Explore an all new region. Battle with Pokémon and explore new legendary Pokémon as well. Stroll around the huge world with improved 4th generation graphics. Use all new items like the light stone to old ones like potions. Visit daycare centers, heal your Pokémon, equip your Pokémon with powerful moves using TMs and HMs. Surf through unknown land. Fight the evil to save humanity from its greatest fear! The Chaos MInd!

    All features to improve your game will be available like the mystery gift. Catch Darkness and tame it. New Chaos Pokémon will be available. Darkrai, Giratina, and Arceus are now available in Chaos Form!

    Gym Leaders

    First Gym:
    Creon City

    Gym Leader: Fistro
    Type: Rock
    Description: A headstrong gym leader that specializes in Rock types.


    Me for everything (Solo Project)
    Except for beta testers

    All new region
    All new plot
    New organization\team
    new unexpected rival
    BW Load Screen
    Some events from amima

    Mapped to Deck City
    Route 1
    Route 2
    Square Garden
    New Pyron City
    Still needs polishing on events.


    Final New Screens

    New Screens

    Old Screens

    Download Alpha 0.5:

    Poccil and people who made Essientials v11
    Carmaniac for load screen

    Thank ya all
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