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    Leon was shocked to hear that his new traveling partner was a part of Team Plasma. However, that did not bother Leon for he already knew that this kid couldn't possibly be as bad as the guys that attacked Juniper. "It doesn't matter you are a part of Plasma, as long as you keep your preaching pr whatever it is that you guys do down then it's all good." With that Leon pointed to the way off Route 1. "Let's get out of here and if anyone gives you trouble in the next town then they will have to deal with me and Konoha, my partner Snivy." Leon learned from his grandfather that no matter what you do you should always do it with your heart at full power. He did not judge others for the path they followed and in return he expected them not to judge him as well. With that all squared away, Leon told Grey to follow him as they headed off of Route 1 and onwards to the first gym. "PAM, should I be catching any Pokemon in the upcoming routes?" "I would say you could catch a Purrloin but according to my data, Snivy is now level 7 and knows Vine Whip. Gruff, the lilipup, is level 4 and knows Tackle and Leer. If you get it to its next level then it will learn odor sleuth. My data says if you catch a Purrloin and raise it to level 6 it will learn assist. I'm creating combo data for all these moves and shall have it available within the hour on possible catching and training ideas." Leon was glad to have PAM by his side because without her he would have no clue what Pokemon he needed for his contest. "Alright I'll leave it to you PAM and then check back with you." Leon proceeded to leave Route 1 with Grey following behind him. "Finally, my first step onto my road to be a top coordinator."
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