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    1st gen:
    Kangaskhan. I like to pretend like it's not in the Safari Zone because I always have the overwhelming urge to find and catch one even though my luck is shoddy. It's not worth putting that much effort into trying to catch something that doesn't evolve and requires me to waste TMs in order for it to have decent moves.

    2nd gen:
    Qwilfish. Did you even remember that Qwilfish exists? I didn't. Water/Poison, so it's tossed in with the other useless Poison types. Its only use is as a water-based HM slave, but 99% of Water Pokemon fill that role so why bother with this?

    3rd gen:
    Carvanha and Sharpedo. Sharpedo was one of the first 3rd gen designs released and it looked so cool, but then the actual game's release showed that you'd have to evolve this stupid pointed fish to get it and it had no moves. Sure, you could catch one without having to evolve Carvanha, but if you wanted a complete Pokedex then you'd need a Carvanha anyway. Sharpedo's stats are okay, but its defenses are terrible and it's weak to Mach Punch.

    4th gen:
    Mothim. It was the product of having a male Burmy and there was no point in getting one because Burmy's whole deal was it had different appearances and Mothim was the exact same no matter what Cloak you had. It's kind of like if male Combees evolved into something uglier than Vespiquen. Vespiquen's not ugly, by the way. Muk is ugly.

    5th gen:
    Heatmor. Nice Special Attack, bad Speed, bad defenses, bad moves, bad typing, bad abilities. This is the pinnacle of uselessness, the ultimate example of bad Pokemon, the very definition of crap.
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