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Name: Aberdeen Black || Age: 14 || Trainer: BW2 Male || Starter: Servine, Iron Tail

the never lingering echo of a future;

Aberdeen is a boy of many emotions. His usual stance is to be happy and positive about everything, sometimes to the brink of being annoying, but as soon as things go wrong or people oppose him, he becomes angry and will only reluctantly try to empathize with the other side. Most often he pouts and becomes passively fuming rather than going all out shouting though. He also doesn't have far to tears and can tear up at a beautiful scene, a shocking scare or a sad moment. His priority plan in life is to find himself a girl who is both hot and smart and funny and understands him, and he plans on using this journey to find her! For this, he of course needs to capture a lot of cool pokémon and avoid ugly ones. His biggest fear are ghost pokémon and he likes to tell himself (and everyone else) that they don't really exist at all.

He has no siblings but wishes that he had an older brother and is likely to take a liking to any cool older trainers he finds if they are anything like what he'd wish for in a brother. Just as he'll likely try to impress every remotely hot/smart/funny girl he meets to try and make her his. His interests in life include watching pokémon battles and yelling at trainers on the TV for not using clever enough strategies or not cool enough moves, as well as listening to video game music. As he puts it, music made for movies or games are much more emotional and telling than boring music with annoying song that the radio plays. He always brings with him his music player and adds to his attire a pair of sky blue headphones with black details.

Roleplay sample:
It was a bright morning in Viridian City, just slightly windy. Aberdeen Black loved spring mornings. The breeze made him feel excited and alive and rustled his hair in a way that made him feel really good. He kept his headphones on as he bounded along the street from his house, listening to an upbeat tune on high volume. At the gate to the Black's garden, his mother stood and anxiously watched him go. She was worried that he would not take this journey seriously. He was not really a serious boy... except for when it came to pokémon battles. But he had never done them himself before. He'd have to learn the hard way. Which was exactly what she was worried about.

Aberdeen was supposed to meet with the pokémon professor called Pine at the pokémon center of Viridian. He would much rather have wanted to see her laboratory; his picture of what a lab looked like was amazing. But maybe she didn't want to risk exposing any dangerous secrets about her work. So she chose to meet the new trainers at the pokémon center instead. That was totally what Aberdeen thought.

The building was nothing special, in Aberdeen's eyes. He had been here before. The sliding doors parted gladly when he stepped close to them and revealed the brightly colored hall inside. Straight up front were the counters where nurses were ready to take in injured pokémon and help them as quickly as possible. They had some pokémon to run around and help them when they were exceptionally busy. There were also always some trainers hanging about in the sitting booths that lined the walls. As if they had nothing better to do! If Aberdeen was a trainer, he would never sit still! And today, he would actually become one. A large smile escaped his lips.

There was the professor, leaned against a counter with a look that told the boy that this was still too early in the morning for her. She had long, dark hair that reached all the way down over her back, a white labcoat to easily distinguish her by and a pair of sharp glasses sitting on her nose. When she saw the very smiling Aberdeen bounding up to her, she immediately recognized him from her pictures. "Ah, an aspiring trainer, isn't it?"

"You're quite right it is, madam!" he responded confidently and put his hands on his hips as he reached her. A beige bag was thrown over his shoulder and now he accidentally dropped it in this gesture. Slightly blushing, he quickly picked it up. But the professor only smiled.

Before Aberdeen got there, he had chosen the top three from a selection of pokémon that Pine could give him. She had now brought the one she had picked for him after comparing with the wishes of the other trainers. Giving him the pokéball, she told him that a Servine was inside.

"Wow... What is a Servine?"

"Eh? Oh, it's a really rare pokémon, only native to another region far away. Haven't you seen it on TV before? It's a grass type, snake-like-"

Interrupting her, Aberdeen suddenly let the pokémon out of the pokéball right in front of them in the pokémon center. Pine's eyes widened a bit from surprise, but she quickly calmed down. It wasn't really unnatural to let a pokémon out of its pokéball in here, rather the opposite.

A green snake-like beast stood before Aberdeen now, seemingly eyeing him up and down. Aberdeen's eyes shone. "Wow! She's amazing!"

That earned him an all too sudden whip from a vine, coming out of nowhere. The boy stumbled to the side, having gotten struck on his arm. "What was that for?"

"Eh. It's a male pokémon. Not a girl," the professor explained. Rookie mistake. Experienced trainers could often rather easily see the difference between female and male pokémon.

"Huh? But it looks so very feminine-" Another whip from the lash, and a growl from Servine, who backed away slightly.

"Look at that!" another person suddenly shouted out. It was a girl who sat in a booth not far from where the professor and Aberdeen stood. "It's so cute!"

"Cute?" another girl exclaimed. "It's elegant and stylish!"

"What are you talking about? It looks really artistic and delicate; as if it's really got a soul!"

As several girls suddenly stormed up to Servine and began patting it, the pokémon looked confused and didn't really know what to do. Pine considered walking up to them and stopping it all. Aberdeen had other plans though.

"Ladies, give my man Servine here some space, will you?" The girls looked up at him as he approached them. Then they seemed to make the connection.

"Are you this pokémon's trainer?"

"Indeed I am. Servine's a really special pokémon! He may look fragile and beautiful, but in battle, he is both elegant and fierce like a blazing inferno of... of grass!"

Servine's gaze met his eyes. It seemed to try and understand him for a moment. Or perhaps just evaluating if this was a relationship that could work or not. Aberdeen looked back, determinedly but smiling. After a few seconds, Servine sighed and gave out a smile as well, looking really sly as he leaned back towards the ladies and nodded. The girls seemed to think it was really cool that what the pokémon's trainer said was true.

After the girls had gone away from the pokémon center, Aberdeen too patted the head of his new partner, who allowed it even if it didn't seem to enjoy it as much as when the ladies had done it. "Haha! We'll be the best partners ever in finding girls!" the boy said, very content.

Professor Pine sighed and shook her head. What kind of trainer-pokémon-relationship would this really be? But then again... stranger things had happened. Perhaps this was the start of something that could actually work out fine.

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