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BiRDiE // Route 30 / Route 31
As Birdie and Fara headed further into Route 30, he felt himself untintentionally lag behind his companion, walking as Sophie would in the outdoors; staring at her feet. They both seemed to do a lot of it. When he heard a voice, at first Birdie thought that Fara had started a conversation with him but his eyes were only met with her back. It seemed she was talking to her Nidoran. His head sunk back to the ground, Todo flying from shoulder to shoulder to try and get his attention.

He finally lifted his head again as they entered Route 31, almost walking into a battle between Bandino the Nidoran and some Bellsprout. He blinked at the battle as it was quickly over and Bandino was met with showers of praise. The one-sided conversations between Bandino and Fara seemed more full than any between her and Birdie. Should he feel a little jealous or maybe understanding, since the whole concept of actually owning Pokémon was unreal?

"Wait here," Fara stopped Birdie from following her inside. “Be a lookout?”

"Sure," he said automatically, nodding. Fara stepped inside the cave and left Birdie alone with Todo (and Kimi). Wait, a lookout for what? Other Pokémon? He could do that... maybe.

He didn't argue with her decision, instead took this spare time as an oppourtunity to maybe get a little bit of training in. If they were going to take on a gym leader (which was presumbly what they were going to, since beating the gym leaders and the Elite Four seemed to be MAO's trick to getting out), Todo and Kimi really needed to train. If Birdie's memory was right (which it was), neither Zubat nor Hoothoot were weak to Flying, but they didn't have anything that was super effective against it. So, they either needed to get more Pokémon or get stronger.

"Oh!" Birdie remembered about his PokéDex and pulled it out, flicking it open and playing with the different menus. It seems you could check trivia on Pokémon, habitats, keep track of all information on any Pokémon seen or captured and show if there were any other PokéDex users in the area. As the PokéDex user feature wasn't exceptionally useful at the moment (there were a few dots pulsing on the screen but he needed to worry about himself at the moment), he checked the habitat feature to see what was in the area.
>> Location: Route 31. Pokémon in area: Bellsprout, Sunkern.
Well, that explained the Bellsprout from before. So, Birdie swallowed, and stepped into the grass. It wasn't long until he was met with a Sunkern, which fell quickly to a few of Kimi's Tackles, and a Bellsprout, which had the life sucked out of it with a Leech Life by Todo. Team attacks took down the next few Sunkerns and the last Bellsprout faced the wrath of a Hypnosis followed by the crap bitten out of it. When Birdie was content with the training (and getting a little too scared to do anymore), he stepped back over to the entrance of Dark Cave. He leant against the wall for a total of 20 seconds before Fara re-emerged. She looked a little dusty, but overall pleased.

"I’m done," she announced.

"Okay. How'd you go?"
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