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Voluntary - I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand I don't think we should prolong the suffering of someone terminally ill who just wants it over but on the other saying that conflicts very strongly with my views on suicide. I'd say that maybe in extenuating circumstances it could be considered morally sound.

Involuntary - If a person is brain dead, they basically don't exist any more, they are an empty shell and as bad as this sounds there is no reason to keep them alive. I'm doubtful we will ever have the ability to revive a mind that far gone so we really shouldn't waste the room and would be better of using those resources to save a life not preserve a half-life. But on subjects such as the death penalty I disagree unless the circumstances are incredible (a criminal too dangerous to be left alive) otherwise if we kill someone who has committed such a terrible crime we are one
1. Sinking to their level by taking another human life
2. Letting the most brutal, horrible people alive take the easy way out. They should be punished not given a free ticket out of it. I mean yes there is (supposedly) a hell after but what if their isn't? I wouldn't want to take that chance.

This is such a hard topic to take a set stance on really, I'm expecting this too become very interesting.
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