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    I did cry at the ending of PMD : Darkness/Time/Sky. Just- accepting that you're going to be wiped from existence if you succeed, and if you don't, everything goes to chaos.
    But this shows a perfect example of the Grandfather Paradox. Simply put, since the future was changed from what it was originally supposed to be, your character - and Grovyle - ceased to exist. But, since your character didn't exist, that means he wouldn't have been able to go back in time and change the future. I don't know; just something to ponder about.
    I didn't exactly cry at the end of Red and Blue PMD, but I did feel pretty sad. And what I've seen from giancarloparimango on YouTube, the next PMD games also get those sad parts.

    And there's not a whole lot of games that have made me shead tears.
    I mean, there's - maybe Mother 3, though it was a while ago I first beaten it, Katawa Shoujo, if you consider it to be a game, and Aerith dying - because I was just so unprepared for that.
    And maybe some parts of Okami and Okamiden.
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