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    Razor Leaf is right. The worst part it (At least in my country) is that stuff like this isn't taught anywhere except med school. I've seen and heard about a lot of people taking antibiotics on their own, for diseases that aren't supposed to be treated by antibiotics. If the public stays uneducated about this stuff much longer, a post-antibiotic era is inevitable.

    However, maybe that isn't such a bad thing. In 2009, Italian researches have invented a "spider pill", a pill design to walk through the colon in search for cancer, and in 2010, in the Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland, researches invented a flea-sized drone designed to go straight into the eye and cure blindness. At first, it seems that this doesn't have to do anything with our topic, but it does. Adam Savage from Mythbusters predicts that this technology, the "micro-robots" designed to enter your body and cure illness, will advance far enough to replace white blood cells and cure diseases such as infections, cancers, blood cloths and other. Maybe, just maybe, a post-antibiotic era will speed up the advancements in this technology.

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