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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    Thanks for the help, Fuji.

    I tried it out, but sadly, it didn't work. However, one thing I did notice is that where @Far went, the error always followed. For instance, say the following lines were 127 (the pointer), 128 (the text), and 129 (the blank line):
    #org @Far
    = OAK: Yes. The idea of multiple\n'uni'verses, and infinite ones at\lthat, is almost inconceivable.\p*snip*

    The error would occur on 129. If I moved those same 3 lines (or even just the two containing the pointer and text) to a different location, regardless of what is in the following line, it would give me the same error.

    I then tried removing @Far, and low and behold, it compiled...which is a problem, since that's one of my most important text strings.

    Any idea on why this is happening?
    I noticed that when I attempted to compile it, there were points at which the enter/return (depending on your keyboard) had been hit to go to the next line in the middle of a text. These caused errors in similar areas. Are you sure that every single set of text is just on one line?

    Other than that, it compiled just fine.

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