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Originally Posted by Sovereign. View Post
Sorry for taking so long, but I now have completed my SU! Hope it's alright. :)
It is, and you are accepted. Man, I love Charmeleon. I forced myself to take another starter here since I've used Charmander times and times before. Hope you'll have fun with it!

Originally Posted by Sir Bastian View Post
Well, it's awesome that you're helping everyone to try and make prettier SUs, and possible normal posts, but...

... I'm really stupid when it comes to code and such, so all of that is just like static on the TV for me, I'm afraid. I wish I could understand it : \
Naw, I think if you were really bored and really eager to spiff up posts (which totally isn't necessary as I'm sure you know) you'd understand it eventually ;) just gotta enjoy poking around and test things out.

Now, more than half the players have been accepted. I'll be posting the first chapter in the IC thread so that you guys can plan you first post(s). For those who still haven't finished their SUs, don't worry. Sorry if I've rushed you :3 Since we'll likely be posting quite independently in the beginning, it doesn't matter if some start earlier than others. I don't want to let the accepted players (and myself ;D) wait.

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