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Chapter 1; First steps into a new world
Adam Jenkins//Route 2
Lvl 10

Adam took in a deep breath of air as he and Blair the Quilava strolled along through the tall grass covering the expansive, flat fields sorrounding Viridian City. Every now and again, a hill, or a small bunch of trees broke up the expansive landscape while a soft, summery breeze blew across the fields, making the grass wave softly in the air.

With a warm smile on his lips, he glanced down at Blair who was trudging through the grass just as he was, though with a bit more difficulty, due to the grass being… well, rather tall. “Hey Blair, you going to be okay?”

The Quilava let out a huff and simply continued, causing Adam to snicker quietly. Apparently his new companion wasn’t going to let a few tufts of grass beat him so easily. Grinning at his new friend’s willpower, the two continued through the grass, Adam glancing around himself, taking in the environment.

“This is going to be so exciting. But aside from sight-seeing, we also need to become stronger, mmhm? Which means that we can’t afford to pass up any challenges or fights offered to us. You with me on that?”

“Quil, la.” He replied, being careful not to let the fires on his back set the grass surrounding him ablaze. Adam nodded softly, raising a hand to tug his hat down ever so slightly. “Right. We’ll also need to find more Pokémon to add to our little team, but we can’t accept just anyone. Only those we find worthy, yeah?”

Glancing down to Blair, he noticed the fire Pokémon looking up at him with a curious gaze. “Well, what I mean is… we can’t just let any Pidgey and Rattata to join us, you know? Have to have the right mindset, have to have the –will- to become stronger! Like the two of us, yeah? Which reminds me, we need a talk.”

Blair looked confused for a moment, but decided to follow Adam as he went over to a small, grassy knoll, which he sat down on, the Quilava sitting down in front of him, Adam tossing his scarf across his shoulder, placing his hands on his knees.

“Right! First rule of fighting alongside me… you can’t ‘just’ fight. Being sensible and using the advantages given is a good idea and we’re going to make use of it… but what’s even more important is to do what we do with –style-.” At Blair’s confused look, Adam let out a little laugh, waving a hand slightly in the air. “What I mean, is that just tackling away and beating your enemy like that is no fun. Every battle you have should be remembered, by you, or someone else. Ergo, we need to do it –flashily-, yeah? We’ll work on that after we get into the swing of things. Is that okay?”

“Quilva lavaa.” Blair responded, the flames on his back extending a little as they flared up, gaining a tinge of orange. Adam nodded with a wide smile. “Perfect! Alright, we’ll sort that out later, get working on some special techniques. For now though…” Adam pushed a hand against the soft soil beneath him and stood up again, dusting his pants down.

Just then however, they heard a fluttering nearby, along with what sounded like animals bickering back and forth, though the noises sounded rather… aggressive. Glancing down to Blair, he gave a nod to his companion and they both ducked down, sneaking closer to the noises through the tall grass. It didn’t take long for them to get to a little clearing, where a male Nidoran and a Blitzle seemed to be ready to fight one another, staring each other down. Glancing down at Blair, Adam flashed a grin. “This’ll be the perfect moment for us to get introduced to the world of battling.

Watching the two Pokémon a while longer, Adam then stood up and thrust his arm forwards, catching the attention of the two Pokémon. Blair stepped out of the grass and growled challengingly, looking from the horse to the rat, both of which clearly thought of the two newcomers as threats.
“Alright! I see the two of you have a little dispute going on! Care to let us join the fun?”
After a moment of hesitation, the Nidoran let out a snarl and lept forwards, knocking into Blair, who had been watching the Blitzle at that moment, knocking him backwards, and just as Blair tumbled back, the Blitzle dashed in and slammed it’s horn into the Rattata, sending it tumbling to the ground. Adam laughed and stepped out of the grass and into the little ‘arena’ of sorts.

“I guess that means yes! Alright Blair, we have our work cut out for us! Ember on the Blitzle!”
Adam was quite happy he had taken a moment while they were walking earlier, to check over his new friend’s moves and stats, and he had quite a good idea of how he wanted the battle to go. The Quilava growled out and took a deep breath, the flames on his back flaring up as he spat out a few, small balls of flame, which hit the Blitzle’s side, causing it to stumble and turn its attention to Blair.

The Nidoran had gotten up by now though, and flung itself at the Quilava again, the Blitzle seemingly ready to attack as well. “Smokescreen, now!” he called out, covering his mouth with his scarf pre-emptively. The flames on Blair’s back almost died down and a thick, black smoke billowed around him, covering the little patch of short grass. “Get out of there, now!”

At this comment, Blair dashed off to the side, just as the Blitzle charged in where he had just been, causing the Nidoran, previously flying towards Blair with its teeth ready to bite, to chomp down on the Blitzle, which gave out a painful cry, shaking off the rodent Pokémon, which flew out of the cloud of smoke, landing new Blair, where it got up and stared its foe down.

“Wow, they’re tough. This is –great-!” Grinning, he thrust out his arm again, as if he was a captain on a ship in the middle of an amazing seafaring battle, and he was ordering the cannons to fire. “Leer, and follow up with a tackle!” “Quil!” The Nidoran charged at the Quilava, just as its eyes flashed, causing the Rattata to slow down slightly, but none the less connected with Blair, sending him skidding backwards.
This didn’t seem to deter Blair however, the flames on his back roaring as he set in a dash and slammed his entire weight against the Nidoran and with a squeak, it was send tumbling backwards, landing on its back, knocked unconscious. By now, however, the smoke had dispersed and the Blitzle had turned to Blair, hoofing the ground.

“Blair, watch out, it’s going to at-“ before managing to finish the sentence however, the Blitzle had dashed forwards at a crazy speed, spamming its horn into Blair’s side, which made him tumble to the ground, but quickly moving onto his feet again, panting and growling out at his foe.

“Whoa! It’s… really fast. I don’t think he can match his speed… tackle, leer, smokescreen, ember… oh!” Snapping his fingers, Adam grinned before calling out to his companion. “Leer! You gotta take the next hit, but I know you can do it!” The Quilava let out a huff and arched his back, his eyes flashing once again, while staring at the Blitzle. It shook its head slightly, seeming slightly dazed before lowering the horn once more, speeding towards Blair and knocking him over once more.

“Ngh… it’s okay, Blair, you can do it!” Adam called out as the Quilava got up again. However, his constant yelling made the Blitzle turn to Adam himself, making him blink a little in surprise. “… Oh. Uh. Sorry, I’ll try to keep it down?” The Blitzle wasn’t having any of it, cried out and ran straight towards him. Adam tossed himself aside and landed on the ground, rolling around to quickly stumble to his feet, facing the Blitzle again, who was readying another attack.

“H-hey, no! You’re supposed to fight my Pokémon, not me!” Just as it was going to charge at him, Blair suddenly slammed into its side, making the horse stumble to the side and back away from Blair, the attention back to the fire Pokémon. Adam breathed out a sigh of relief and broke into a grin. “Alright, this is it Blair. We can’t outmatch its speed, so we better outmatch its power instead.”

For a moment, the silence was only broken by a faint gust of wind as well as the two Pokémon’s heavy breath before the Blitzle seemed to charge in energy, the mane on its back glowing a firm yellow. Adam pointed at the Blitzle and called out “Flare Blitz!”, to which Blair responded with a roar of his own, mixed in with the roar of flames from his back which suddenly spread out and engulfed his body.

The two Pokémon bent slightly down and almost flew towards one another, the Blitzle having electricity streaming behind it and Blair being completely coated in orange-red flames as they flew towards one another. After just a single moment, the two collided, flames and electricity bursting up into the air in an odd mix, the impact sending dust billowing past Adam, who kept pointing towards the two unflinchingly.

As the dust settled, the two Pokémon had managed to back a few steps back from each other, staring one another down and panting heavily, both seemingly having gotten a few bruises. After a few moments of silence, however, the Blitzle stumbled and fell to its side, passed out. Adam let out a laugh and threw a fist into the air.

“Hahahaha! We did it! –You- did it, Blair! That was a battle for the ages!” He grinned brightly and ran over to his companion, kneeling down by the panting Pokémon to check him over. “You look a little worse for wear, but you can keep going, right?” “Quil!” he growled out and Adam nodded with an impressed smile. “Exactly what I’ve come to expect from you. That was an –amazing- battle and a fantastic finish. Exactly what we should be expected to pull off… maybe not every battle, but as often as possible!”

Glancing towards the two fallen Pokémon, Adam lowered a hand to the Pokéballs resting in the pocket of his backpack, a look of contemplation falling over him as he glanced to the exhausted Quilava, and back to the Blitzle. “… Hmh. It’s no fair if the Pokémon is knocked out. Another time, maybe.” He pulled his hand out again and stood up after having given the Quilava’s head a little nuzzle with his hand, smiling as he stretched out.

“Our first battle. And we started as we mean to go on.” Grinning down at his friend who, from what Adam could tell, was equally as happy about the victory, he gave a little nod forwards and muttered a “Let’s go, partner.”, and the two continued their trek through the tall grass of route 2.
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