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    Here's a map of Pewter City, to show that I've done more work lol:

    Originally Posted by metalflygon08 View Post

    I always used to think there was a Bug Trainer where that girl is in the originals, I think there was one in GSC though right?
    Yeah there was a Bug Catcher in G/S/C/HG/SS, but there won't be in DarkViolet because you just fought a whole bunch in Viridian Forest, and you're probably paralyzed from Thunder-Waving Pichus and poisoned from Poison-Stinging Weedles.

    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    I like how the HP Bar and how the Pokedex has 210 Pokemon like how Pokemon Platinum's has. I also like the edited music and how it feels like a 4th/5th generation Pokemon game. I like how the move graphics look and how the tiles look. This is a great ROM Hack to look forward to, it's kind of like a preview of what the next beta of Azure Horizons will be like since it has some of those things. Will there by day and night in game also?
    No, there will not be day and night. It is completely unnecessary, and one of the main aspects of this game is to that it is readily available to play on actual hardware through a flashcart, hence why there is no day/night features. Every feature of this game will work on actual hardware without RTC.