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    I disagree, I think character development among gym leaders is something that always existed in the series, sometimes more, sometimes less. RBY had Giovanni, whom you fought several times. In GSC, Clair's refusal to give you a badge meant you had to be tested by the Blackthorn clan (the test is different between GS and Crystal; HGSS features the Crystal event), and some of the Kanto gym leaders were found outside their gyms (Misty, Blue). RSE had the Wattson New Mauville sidequest and the "Norman is your dad" thing. FRLG shed some light into gym leaders and E4 members with the Fame Checker, and Lorelei was met in the post-game.

    However, it was really with Sinnoh that we started seeing more of it. I remember being completely surprised by Roark's presence in the coal mine when I first played Platinum. Then HGSS continued the trend with the phone call requirements. Only after all that, BW came and focused more on the gym leaders, but the idea was always there.

    I like it because the gym leaders are supposed to be interesting people. This is where I think the anime influenced the games a bit, in a case of reversal.

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