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    Originally Posted by metalflygon08 View Post
    Dyam dat Pewter City!

    Little quip

    Those white things, aren't they for docks, I thought they were what you would tie a ship to in piers, hence why they were on docks?

    Unless they are awesome rock sculptures of mushrooms?

    I'm also noticing there is a lack of a second door into the Museum? Is there going to be an event in game that will get us our Old Amber? (like TR is trying to steal some Fossils, we save museum, rewarded with sap?)
    The white things are in HG/SS, so I included them.

    And you can still get the Old Amber, I'm coming up with a new interior layout of the museum. The first floor will be similar to HG/SS, but unlike HG/SS there will also be a second floor and stuff.