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    chapter one; PART II
    Trey Vincent//Route Two

    There were a few rookie trainers further down the road, much like Trey, hunched over in the grass, observing footprints to see if they could find a Pokemon to catch. That reminded the fourteen year old rookie about the wobbling Pokeball clipped onto his belt - next to a second one that was relatively still - it held Stitch the Nidoran he just caught earlier. She was obviously not happy with being captured by him, which made the boy smirk like an evil villain in a movie. Next to the outraged poison type was a sleeping Zilla, he had taken a crap load of hits trying to capture this "she devil" which was what Trey had officially been calling her for the past hour or so of walking.

    “I’ve never seen this house here ...” Trey said thoughtfully, stopping in his tracks and pulling off his headphones. It was a wooden cabin it seemed with glass windows and a blue colored door with a white Pokeball symbol on it. He dragged his bag to his frontside where he could easily open it up and access its content. He pulled out a small soft covered book, it was the Kanto guide he liked to read at night before sleeping. He didn't travel back then, and his constant need for new information was fed by this book. It seems he missed a page though, since he had no clue about his house here. Until he finally found a page on it, it was an article of a chain of houses owned by small families where trainers could stop by and heal their Pokemon and buy basic healing items.

    His hunch was right. That truck must have dropped off supplies here.

    Unknown to the concentrated trainer, a young boy, a few years younger than he, crept up behind him, his bare legs getting scratched up by the long, itchy grass. He turned his baseball cap around so his bangs poked out from the hole in the back, his white shirt dirty with grass stains. He then raised his arms, his fingers outstretched and his palms flat, before reaching and grabbing the trainers' shoulders, shaking him while yelling, “I LIKE SHORTS!”

    "The fu-" Trey held his breathe and turned to see this young boy with a wide grin and large enthusiastic eyes. The boy proceeded to unclip the lone Pokeball on his waist and shove it in Trey's face,

    "Wanna take a look at my Rattata?!" The boy yelled. Trey pushed the Pokeball aside and simply walked away, he wasn't getting involved with any crazy people. That stupid little brat actually reminded Trey of his rival back in the city, Connie. He shivered and quickly opened the door to the cabin to try and get his mind off of it.

    "Thank you." A young girl with a wide brimmed white hat and red dress zoomed past Trey and into the house. The boy was dumb stricken and sighed.

    "After you, your highness." His sarcasm was not heard by the girl, maybe for the better. She seemed the type to hold grudges and manipulate people. He didn't know why he got that feeling, he just did. There were two sides to the cabin, one with a healing machine just behind the counter and the other with shelves of items ready to be sold. Since the girl with the large hat took up the counter to heal her own Pokemon, Trey took the opportunity to stock up on just a couple of Antidotes. He didn't want Zilla getting poisoned in the forest up ahead, just then Stitch began jumping around in her Pokeball again.

    "Yeah, yeah. You neither." Trey sighed. He looked up and saw no line at the counter to heal his Pokemon, great! He walked up to an elderly man with a scruffy mustache and kind eyes.

    "Why hello there young man! How may I help you?"

    This struck a nerve with Trey, who sighed. "I'd like a burger, a side order of fries and a soda. Actually, super size the order. I'm a baller like that." After a few moments of silence Trey placed two Pokeballs on the counter, "I'd like my Pokemon healed of course! What do you think?" The boy chuckled a bit before noticing the man's worried look. "Please." The boy let out a very large, fake smile. The man scoffed and quickly healed his Pokemon,

    "Thanks!" Trey chuckled as he walked out.

    Trey liked meadows. It was so wide-open it made him feel like anything could happen. It wasn't very hilly, so it wasn't hard to spot the gate entrance to the Forest up ahead. He'd sat himself down on a small stump, just to rest his feet and admire the view. Zilla inhaled deeply and smiled, the water type had been walking alongside his trainer every since he was healed. The boy had been scrolling through the list of Pokemon available around this route on his Pokedex, a little bit of variety. Which was only expected from a route this close to the city.

    Trey closed the Pokedex and put his bag on, when about a dozen small, purple Nidoran scurried by. Trey grinned, a male Nidoran! He instantly bounded off the fence and after the group with Zilla running behind, struggling to keep up with his stubby legs.

    “Shhhh,” Trey waved his hand behind him to where Zilla was closely following.

    “Croccccccc,” he replied, and put his small blue hands over his mouth.

    “Yeah,” he nodded, and looked back along the long fence they were now hiding behind. They followed the pack of male Nidoran for who knows how long before they finally stopped . He and Zilla were right up against it, with a good convenient twiggy bush between them and their quarry. It was evening now, and the sun was low, making the places where light still touched the ground look dark gold. Up ahead, near a small bunch of trees, there was the pack of Nidoran taking in some of that end-of-day sunlight.

    “The goal of Professor Pine's study is to capture as many Pokemon as possible. We're not letting her down, Zilla." He smiled and tried to peek his camera around the edge of the bush. This is why he loved the camera he had, despite the bad lighting he can still manage to capture a beautiful picture. He touched the button a few times, hoping to catch at least one clear frame. “Huh, not bad,” he decided, scrolling through the results. Three of them were just blurry messes, but two were decent. He put the camera away and went back to his Pokedex. Trey chuckled to himself, and wondered if he should send out Stitch to battle to try and avoid falling victim to Nidoran's Poison point ability with Zilla.

    “Psssst…your smell is gonna scare them away.” A feminine voice whispered into his ear, startling him enough to fall over and nearly drop his Pokedex. He turned to his side to see Connie sitting next to him, happily looking at the wild Nidoran. “I want one soooooo bad. They’re soooooo cute!” The girl cooed.

    “Damn, girl! If you gonna sneak up on a dude at least try not to look so damn scary....Hol' up. What are you even doin' out here!?”

    "I'll explain later! I just really want to catch one of these!!"

    "So, how badly you want one of these?" Trey grew a devilish grin as he looked over at Connie. The girl’s eyes widened, she knew that look.

    “Oh nooo! I saw them first! I've been tracking this group since Viridian” She protested, but Trey ignored the girl’s whines. Now, Trey was a very serious and mature young lad. But whenever he got involved with Connie, his...well for lack of a better word, his stupid side emerges.

    These were poison types, he knew that. So instead of battling and having the risk of Zilla getting poisoned - and Areceus knows he wasn't about to try and use Stitch - he decided to try his luck. He unclipped an empty Pokeball from the backside of his belt, the size of a ping pong ball and held it between his index and middle fingers. He quickly pressed the center button and grew it to a size of an orange and let it fall into his palm as he gripped it tightly.

    “I’ll catch that Pokemon!” He yelled, a large grin on his face as he threw the Pokeball at one of the wild Nidoran by the pond, thanks to his baseball experience the Pokeball was pitched perfectly and make contact with the Nidoran’s head. Unfortunately, when it made contact the Nidoran swung its head and managed to knock the Pokeball away with an indifferent look on its face. Trey stomped his foot and clenched his teeth. “They’re not taking me seriously, screw this! Come on Zilla!” The water type hopped out next to Trey, one of the Nidoran looked up in shock and quickly warned the entire group. The Nidoran all scattered, “Wait! I said wait!!” Trey shouted as he ran towards the scattering group, Connie snickering in the back

    “What happened Mr. Perfect!?” Connie laughed as she made her way towards Trey. “Chompy, go!!” A yowling Totodile bounded over the fence. The group of Nidoran continued to scatter, bounding off, a couple going straight past them, the rest disappearing back among the little stand of trees.

    “Totodile?!?!” Trey muttered.

    “Alright, I'll tell you. The reason I was laughing back at Viridian at the idea of you getting a Pokedex and everything, is cause,” the girl looked back from her battle and held up a red device. "I've got one, from Professor Oak." She smirked.

    Trey froze. In what kind of sick, twisted reality was he in?! Where his arch enemy, got to live out HIS dream? She got meet the esteemed Professor Oak? Now, Trey did admire Professor Pine. But his admiration for Professor Oak completely overwhelms what he admired about Pine. He was famous for always releasing the best trainers for the League tournament.

    “Archie, good job! Now for the grand finale!” Connie smiled as she arched the pokeball at the perfect angle to land on the small male Nidoran’s body. The tiny capsule rolled around furiously for a couple of seconds, Trey couldn’t believe it. Was he about to let her actually beat him at capturing a pokemon? No, she wasn’t going to pull this off. No way. After a few more seconds the ball sealed, white sparks shooting out. Trey stood there in disbelief, frozen. Connie ran right by him, actually managing to knock over the statue of a boy. She actually beat him, Trey sighed. Connie walked up to the boy. “So... battle?” She asked.

    Trey clenched his fist, "You bet yo ass we're gonna battle!"

    "Fine, but its only one on one. Since this Nidoran is weak from the battle and I'm sure that second Pokemon of yours is at full health." She motioned at the second ball clipped to his belt. He wasn't planning on using Stitch anyways.

    "Sounds good, let's do this!"

    "Well, alright Chompy! Let's unleash hell on them!" Connie cheered her tiny water type on, looking ahead at her opponent's intimidating Croconaw.

    Chompy clapped his jaw open and closed, prepared to punish this jerk for daring to disrespect his trainer. He obviously didn't know that they had completely tore through Route One without a single loss.

    "Alright, let's give them a taste of your WRATH! Full throttle assault with your magnificent HYDRO PUMP! GO!!" Connie screamed, perhaps too carried away by the heat of battle. Trey's eyes widened in disbelief.

    Chompy couldn't help but tumble down to his face, maybe she gave Connie too much credit. She got back up to her feet and turned back to Connie, a look of confusion plastered on her face.

    "W-what's wrong?" Connie asked, oblivious to any error she just made. "You don't know that attack?" Chompy sighed in dissapointment and sat down, did her trainer expect more than what she could achieve?

    "Oh, no, it's okay! Just a minor setback. Surely though, you can bring hell to the battlefield with your apocalyptic DYNAMIC PUNCH!! GO!!!" Connie roared in blind excitement once again.

    Chompy burst into tears, her cries loud and whiny. It reminded Trey of Connie back when they were little and she didn't get what she wanted. Were he and Zilla alike in any way?

    "Wait, no! Okay, I was just trying to finish this with one attack. But okay, serious time now! Water gun!" Chompy wiped her tears with a smile and finally turned with a confident look on her face that was met with a claw to the face courtesy of Zilla that scooped up Chompy and launched him airborne, causing him to spin like a wheel uncontrollably.

    "Cheap shot! Cheap shot!" Connie cried out. But Trey only met her with a cold stare of amazing intensity. When it came to battles, Trey didn't play.

    “Aqua Jet!” Trey commanded, pointing at the falling Totodile. Zilla growled and engulfed itself with clear blue water that allowed him to swiftly charge and ram head first into Chompy's side. Chompy groaned as she skidded back a few feet, using her claws to stop herself.

    “Hang in there, Chompy!” Connie said. “Try using Scratch!”

    Chompy obeyed and growled cheerfully again. She ran over, and scratched Zilla's face hard with a mighty sweep of her claw. Zilla moaned, the scratch on his face turning a bright red.

    “You can do it, Chompy! Try Scratch again!” Connie encouraged her pokémon.

    “Aqua Jet, Zilla!” Trey countered, replying to his opponent's attack.

    The two Pokémon charged at each other and Zilla's head met with the Chompy with a tremendous force. Zilla was dazed just a bit, it seemed the hit rattled him but Chompy stumbled around a little like she had an inner ear infection. She then fell onto her side, exhausted.

    Connie gaped, pulling out Chompy's pokeball. “Chompy, return,”

    Without a single word exchanged between them, she walked away towards the Rest House. Trey smirked and looked down at Zilla who plopped down onto the floor, exhausted. "Crocconaaaaw." He muttered.

    "Good job man, you did work." Trey's fist immediately met with Zilla's. This was becoming a regular thing now. It seemed hi journey was heading in the right direction. "Let's get you healed. Maybe we can brag to Connie when we get there." Zilla smiled as Trey picked him up in his arms and started down south to the house.

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