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    Kakusu blankly stared at the boy, who entered the room and seemed to be avoiding Kakusu, until Takumi broke the silence.

    "I-I guess we're r-roommat-tes..." the boy said with extreme edginess within his voice.

    Out of dread of starting a conversation, Kakusu seized his night garments and dashed to the bathroom to get space from his roommate. He quickly changed and brushed his teeth before retreating back into his room, deciding to wake up early enough to take a shower.

    As he re-entered the room, Kakusu looked at the boy with a confused but sad glance before getting into the bed he was sitting on previously. The scent of ashes was no longer coming from Kakusu’s skin, probably absorbed into his skin no doubt. He had never been in Youko form since he felt comfortable in his human form, although this seemed unusual to some. It was weaker and less agile but Kakusu had become accustomed to it and most objects were made for humanoid shaped creatures.

    Burying himself under the covers, Kakusu closed his eyes but remained in thought. He wanted to explore the campus tomorrow although he predicted that it would definitely be uncomfortable to go survey alone while the area itself would be crowded. He would either have to make some companions or go at night. With that final thought, Kakusu fell into a deep sleep.

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