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    chapter one; FRIENDS AND RIVALS
    Meredith Hudson // Route 2 // Post One

    Feeling quite full, Meredith and Wartortle found themselves on Route Two. It was a pristine route, the perfect place for new trainers to test out their skills. Lining the road, the grass fields played in the light breeze that blew. There were a couple of other people walking the same road that Meredith was on but none of them seemed to look like they had just become a new trainer.

    Wartortle had eaten his own meal and half of Meredith’s at the takeaway bar before devouring scones at Meredith’s house that her mother had just baked. Her younger brothers had taken to Wartortle like a Combee to a flower, becoming instant friends for life.

    Wartortle seemed content as he plodded along side Meredith as they continued towards the forest, scanning the area as they went but Meredith sensed he still had his guard up. It hurt a little, seeing her new partner play so care free with her brothers whilst with her, he was still reserved and a little too quiet. Nevertheless, they were partners now and it was up to Meredith to sort this out, whether Wartortle liked her or not. Deep down, she desperately wanted Wartortle to like her though she didn’t know how to go about doing anything about this. It was only hours into their journey and Meredith crossed her fingers in the hope that it would only be uphill from here.

    “Do you wanna take a short rest Wartortle?” Meredith asked, yawning as they came across a small clearing on the side of the road that looked like it was calling for someone to rest there. Wartortle only nodded in reply before making his way over to a tree, plonking down with a sigh.

    Meredith sat down next to the water type before pulling a piece of banana bread for each of them out of her bag. Wartortle’s eyes shone with delight before he gobbled down the morsel. Meredith couldn’t help but giggle before she was greeted by glaring eyes which stopped her abruptly.

    “Sorry,” Meredith mumbled to the Pokemon before she finished her bread.

    “War,” Wartortle short, sharp replies continued to make Meredith feel like she was doing something wrong.
    Not knowing what else to say, Meredith pulled out the Pokédex Professor Pine had given her, not having a chance to study it back in the city. Back at home, her Dad has hastily inscribed her initials on the back of it before she’d left, the small letters M.H. sitting in the bottom left hand corner. Meredith clicked the button, opening the Pokédex and booting it up. It seemed to be already personalised to her specifically, with her trainer status and information popping up automatically. She turned and pointed it towards Wartortle, who stared back with curious eyes before his species information popped up on the screen. It displayed his type, available attacks, habitat information and differences between genders, amongst other things. All valuable information, Meredith decided to read all of it in depth. Turning back to face the road, her back against the tree, she began to read.

    She’d just got to the interesting part about Wartortle’s attacks before something popped up on the screen, blocking the passage she was reading. It was presented as a silhouette before appearing as a new Pokemon tab, displaying information about a Pokemon she’d only vaguely heard of.

    It had unusual skin, almost a dark pink with a tinge of purple, the colour of poison. Its aqua coloured ears contrasted with its coat colour. The horn on its forehead was small but looked deadly.

    “Nidoran,” Meredith read out loud, before turning to Wartortle. “This just popped up randomly and it looks like it’s recorded the data of this Pokemon in the system. Does that mean…” Meredith trailed off before looking straight ahead, peering into the bushes opposite her that she had previously walked past that lined the road. “Could there be a Nidoran in there?” Meredith whispered to Wartortle before she very quietly stood up, the Nidoran data still flashing on the screen of the Pokédex. In turn Wartortle rose as well, puffing his chest out slightly, trying to appear more formidable if there was a Pokemon hiding in the bushes.

    Meredith slowly tip toed towards the bush, not sure of what else to do in a situation like this. She turned back to look at Wartortle, motioning for him to follow her. It wasn’t even a second after she had turned back to face the bush that a small pink nose appeared where it shouldn’t have, sniffing the air before two paws, a horn and two beady eyes appeared.

    Meredith froze, unsure again of what to do. Wartortle, however had a different idea. He launched forward, placing himself in front of Meredith and the wild Nidoran, initiating an attack from the smaller Pokemon, that placed his horn on Wartortle’s stomach, coming close to piercing the flesh but not so due to the tough skin of the water Pokemon. The attack thankfully seemed more like a reaction due to fright than a proper identified technique, so it didn’t do too much damage.

    “Wartortle! What are you doing!” Meredith cried, horror showing on her face at what had just happened. Wartortle swiftly looked at her, his eyes trying to portray what he wanted her to do before turning back to face the wild Pokemon, waiting for his trainer’s command.

    It took a couple of seconds for Meredith to catch on and realise that this was her first Pokemon battle!
    She tried to switch to thinking logically and tried desperately to remember what her friends had told her about battles but nothing really came to her mind at that point.

    “Oh! The Pokédex!” Meredith quickly brought up Wartortle’s information, running through his attack list.

    “Arghh I don’t know which to choose! Wartortle, try a Bubble attack!”

    Wartortle nodded and before taking in a deep breath and blowing out, not really aiming anywhere in particular (not his fault really, his first attack after all!). Most of the bubbles simply shot into thin air, dissipating quickly or carried around the clearing by the wind, finally popping on the trees that surrounded them. A couple lucky shots landed on the Nidoran, frightening the poor Pokemon and stinging at the same time.

    Meredith failed to see the flaws in Wartortle’s first attack, her eyes shining at the mere sight of Wartortle attacking for her. Maybe this partnership was going to work after all!

    The defending Nidoran was quick on its paws, recovering from the bubble attack quickly before jumping towards Wartortle, who was still kind of basking in the light of his first attack, slamming head first into Wartortle for an effective Peck attack.

    This knocked both Meredith and Wartortle off the pedestal both of them were fighting to be on. Checking the Pokédex entry for Wartortle once more, Meredith commanded another attack, not noticing the lower level Pokemon was begin to waver.

    “Wartortle, use Brine!”

    For what was meant to be a decent attack, Wartortle’s attempt at Brine was a little below average. Again, Meredith failed to notice this, cheering her starter Pokemon on as most of the jet of water knocked the Nidoran off his feet, forcing him to struggle in an attempt to get up.

    He was still up for the fight however, launching at Wartortle with all his little might for another Peck attack. This one really hurt Wartortle and Meredith stopped cheering, suddenly seeing that both her Pokemon and the wild Pokemon were looking a little too worse for wear.

    “Wartortle? Are you ok?” She questioned, before thinking back to yet another lesson from her friend’s who had a Pokemon each. One had said that it was easier to capture a wild Pokemon if their health was lowered through battle. Did this qualify? Was Nidoran’s health low enough that he would allow himself to be captured?

    For once, Meredith decided not to focus on the questions and follow what her instincts told her to do right now. Throw a Pokeball. Fishing one of the minimized balls out of her bag, she pressed the white button, enlarging it before she threw it towards the Nidoran, who had now collapsed, sitting close to where Wartortle had also had to sit down, panting heavily.

    Nidoran was swept up in a blur of red light and the ball dropped with a thud on the earth. Meredith, having never actually seen this take place, knew it wasn’t over. The ball seemed to rock and fidget for what seemed to be hours yet it was just minutes. The glow dissipated and it stopped rocking, lying seemingly lifeless on the ground. Meredith cautiously went over to pick it up, surprised by the amount of heat that was given off.

    “Wartortle, can you believe it?” Meredith questioned, her eyes wide as she stared at her partner. “I just caught my first Pokemon!”

    All Wartortle could do was give his trainer the thumbs up sign before rolling onto the back of his shell, closing his eyes. Even though that was a low levelled battle, he could feel the aching in his muscles from where the Nidoran’s strong attacks had hit him and the tightness in his chest from the water attacks. That was it, he would have to tell Meredith somehow that they both needed more training before taking on any more wild Pokemon, let alone trainers.
    Meredith could see Wartortle turning things over in his mind, much like he had done when they’d left the Pokemon Center in Viridian, which seemed like such a long time ago now. Whatever he was thinking about, it had to wait.

    “First things first Wartortle,” She said, gathering up her bag and placing Nidoran’s Pokeball carefully within it as she pulled out Wartortle’s Pokeball. “We have to get you guys to the treatment center. Shouldn’t be too far from here,” Meredith offered out the ball to return Wartortle.

    He flailed his arms and legs, not able to get up after rolling onto his back. Meredith just smiled, helping her new friend up. Wartortle looked at his trainer before thankfully pressing the white button on his Pokeball himself, disappearing in a flash of red light. Meredith stored his Pokeball alongside Nidoran’s before checking the clearing once more. Satisfied she had everything, she made her way back to the road, hoping that the treatment center wasn’t too far away.

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