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    Maleko's shift stretched through the night. As usual, nothing disturbed the unending peace of Zora's Domain.

    I can't help but wish the would be a little bit of trouble. Maleko thought as he let out a brief sigh, leaning back against the domains wall and looking away from the waterfall and towards the city. He blinked and saw the twili, Kristi, as he opened his eyes. She was outside of Sven's home, about to make her way inside.

    She just comes and goes at the blink of an eye. I bet it's quite convenient. A weird couple they are, Sven and Kristi. It's nice seeing someone that's not a Zora, though. Adds some varie... ACCK.

    A blue tektite had made it's way into the domain and struck Maleko's leg. Swiftly with no remorse. In less than a second, Maleko repaid the small creature with as he spun his polearm around and shoved the tip through the creatures head, kicking it back through the waterfall afterwards.

    How did that sneak up on me.. I didn't even hear a splash. It's almost as if it materialized at my feet.. Maleko pondered as he started to wrap up the area he had been struck. I'm sure it's nothing. I hope it's nothing, at least. The night is still early.

    Maleko's concentration tightened as he returned to upright guard position, more ready to fight than ever.
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