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chapter 2; VELVET LIGHTS // Viridian Forest

The forest is ancient, much older than all human settlements in Kanto. It's dark, leafy velvet stretches out towards the bay in the east and up the mountains in the east, reaching the very Indigo Plateau until it's edge comes. Scientists and explorers have tried to map what pokémon species really live here, but never a full decade has gone by without someone encountering a new unexpected creature in these woods. It doesn't matter how diligently the road is tried to be kept clear; it still overgrows in a matter of days and always feels like it's a winding trail through the thick nature. It is not a normal forest, that is for sure. It is the stuff of fairy tales.

You may team up and make a joint post, or several, in this chapter. Either about anything or doing one of the events together. Click the picture to get the theme music for this area.

Mandatory event:
You will in this forest briefly spot the pokémon called Mew, who is believed to be the common ancestor for all pokémon but since long excinct. A few things about it are in the pokédex though. Or you will spot a pokémon called Mewtwo, who neither the pokédex nor you recognize or can name. You'll just know it OOC so you'll know what to describe :p You may also spot both if you feel like it, but not at the same time.

Optional event:
You may in this forest meet a group of trainers who are trying hard to round up and capture one of the more rare pokémon here (Scyther, Heracross or Emolga). If you write a decent post about helping them out, they will give you either a Leaf Stone or a Sun Stone as a reward; it's your choice which.

Minimum number of posts: ... 2

Wild pokémon catchable:
Their evolutions/prevolutions may be encountered but not captured.
You can keep playing after having caught a pokémon,
but I will assign level 8 or 9 to it in the first post,
depending on how good your capture post was!


[Tackle] [String Shot] [Harden]

[Poison Sting] [String Shot] [Harden]

[Tackle] [String Shot] [Bug Bite]

[Tackle] [Sand Attack] [Gust]

[Growl] [Peck] [Astonish] [Sing]

[Tail Whip] [Thundershock] [Growl]

[Tail Whip] [Thundershock] [Quick Attack]

you may not capture this AND Scyther
[Night Slash] [Tackle] [Leer] [Horn Attack] [Endure] [Fury Attack]

you may not capture this AND Heracross
[Quick Attack] [Vacuum Wave] [Leer] [Focus Energy] [Pursuit]

chapter one; part III
Aberdeen Black // Route 2

The afternoon sun was turning a gilded orange color as Aberdeen and Servine closed in on the tiny cluster of houses that sat at the northern edge of Route 2. Beyond them, the darkest forest imaginable began. Still, the trees themselves looked kind and delicate, having light green leaves and gentle brown stems. Maybe they were just so close together that they gave the route an ominous feeling. Aberdeen couldn't wait to get in there.

But not even he was stupid enough to begin trying to trek through Kanto's darkest forest in the afternoon. He would probably need a whole day to get through, if not several. The thought of camping outdoors, among those trees... no, no, certainly there were no ghosts in this forest. Just bugs. Aberdeen could totally handle bugs. He bet they were even cool!

One of the houses seemed to be a place where someone lived. Another one looked more like some kind of storage unit and the third, and biggest, looked more like a wooden pokémon center than anything else. They had even put up a pokéball sign over the wide porch, as to signal that trainers could indeed come in and have their pokémon healed up here.

Entering the resting house, Aberdeen noted that he was far from the only trainer who had thought about staying here tonight. There were at least a dozen people sitting in the groups of odd sofas that the owner of the installation had apparently put up to make it feel more like a pokémon center. The first room one entered was a large hall that further brought this resemblance on. Why not just make it official and probably get loads of sponsor money from the Pokémon Association in the process? Aberdeen snickered.

There was some sort of counter where Aberdeen lent a nice looking lady his pokéballs, after calling back Servine to his, and after only a matter of minutes, he got them back as good as new. He peeked down into Blitzle's ball and saw the pokémon blink back up at him, not completely satisfied with having been deprived of his freedom.

The sun went lower in the sky and even though Aberdeen had reserved a room to spend the night in, inside the resting house, he wanted to spend as much time outside with his pokémon as he could on this day. He had to get to know Blitzle, after all!

The electric type was sent out of his pokéball in a grassy field just a stonethrow away from the resting house. It shook its head and looked around, seeing that it had the chance to just run away if it wanted to. But then it spotted the smiling Aberdeen who looked like he most of all wanted to run up to the pokémon and hug him, no matter if he got an electric zap or not, and Servine who's eyes dangerously glimmered to warn him that if he tried anything funny, a vine would come whipping after him to drag him back here. With his teeth clenched, Blitzle accepted that he should perhaps just stand there for now.

"Hello! Nice to introduce myself to you, Blitzle!" Aberdeen said with his ridiculous smile and waved. "I'm Aberdeen and I'm your new trainer! This here is Servine, but you've already met him. Well, battled him. Haha!"

Servine nodded in Blitzle's direction. It had been pretty weak but at least it seemed brave. Maybe it could become a nice ally with some training. Blitzle sighed and didn't nod back. Instead it just turned and stared out over the field. Aberdeen's smile faltered a little. Hm. The zebra didn't seem too happy at all with having become the property of a trainer.

They only trained a little, having Servine exhibit all his moves and Blitzle showing all of his, even though they were a lot fewer than the grass type's, before it became too dark for Aberdeen to bother continuing.

Later that evening, Aberdeen had fallen asleep in his bed already at sunset and Servine did the same, being a grass type and rather dependent on sunlight. But Blitzle, whom Aberdeen had left outside his pokéball to sleep wherever he wanted in the room, couldn't seem to lie still.

After an hour or so of sleep, Aberdeen woke up from being whipped in the face by some sort of scaly leaf. He sat up straight with a little sound of terror, but quickly realized that it was Servine who sat on his lap, trying to get his attention.

"What's the matter, pal?" he asked. It only took a gesture from Servine for him to realize that there was one person too little in the room. "Blitzle," he said and his pokémon nodded. The window was open. Darn it! Aberdeen had left it open before he went to bed because he preferred a little cool when he slept. The zebra seemed to somehow have pried it wider open and escaped. They were on the bottom floor after all.

"Oh, no! I didn't even know it was possible for pokémon to escape from their trainers!" Aberdeen moaned and quickly got dressed. Servine shook his head at that silly comment.

Grabbing his belongings just because he felt better with his bag with him than with leaving it here, Aberdeen dashed out from the room just in time to collide with someone else. "Ouch!" they both exclaimed and were pushed backwards a little. Looking up, he saw that it was a girl, about his age and with blazing red hair. She pouted slightly and Aberdeen quickly got up, repeating that he was sorry over and over.

"My name is Aberdeen, what's yours, cutie?" he asked with a blinding smile, completely forgetting the task at hand because of the girl's wonderful hair and cuteness-

Servine pushed him roughly against the wall and pointed at the window in the room they had just come out from. "Oh, right... Sorry," he said, turning back to the girl without even giving her time to reply in the first place. "Gotta chase after a friend. Hope we'll meet again! But in a less rough way, haha." With that, he ran down the corridor and out from the resting house, leaving the girl to believe whatever about him. Dammit, Blitzle, why would you have to be more important than picking up girls? Aberdeen guessed that this was what he was to put up with if he wanted to be a pokémon trainer, even though girls were his first reason of traveling... or was it now?

It took quite a while before they found any trace of the escaped pokémon. They were all the way back at the rock where they had first battled and captured him. Aberdeen stod on top of it and looked around to see any glimpse of electricity. "I don't want my first captured pokémon to hate me..." he thought out loud.

Servine sat in the grass below and heard him. He looked up at his trainer. Poor guy. He shouldn't have captured a thieving creature then. He should have stuck with honest pokémon who fought straight up front and didn't sneak around and steal stuff. Steal food, more importantly. That's just evil.

At last, Aberdeen spotted some crackling just a little bit away, among some trees and a creek. "There!" he said, trying not to shout despite his happiness. "It actually looks like a battle is going on. I sure hope no one is trying to capture my pokémon! Should we get closer?"

Servine followed him through the tall grass as they quickly crept towards the crackles in the night. As they closed in, they saw that there were actually a whole bunch of Blitzle standing by the creek. On the other side of it, on Aberdeen's side, two Blitzle were indeed battling. One of them were very familiar.

"It's our Blitzle!" Aberdeen hissed to Servine, who hissed back to shut up since they were at most ten meters away and the night was quite silent apart from the noises from the battle. The zebras were constantly using Charge, seemingly just to boost themselves mentally and to look cool, because they never really threw an electric attack at one another. They instead Tackled over and over again, and both of them were starting to get tired now.

One of them were slightly bigger than the other. It was not Aberdeen's Blitzle. His zebra seemed to not be faring well here... "What is really going on? Why is Blitzle sneaking off in the middle of the night just to fight other Blitzle?"

"It is obvious, is it not?" another whispering voice suddenly said beside Aberdeen. He would have jumped and screamed if a hand hadn't been put over his mouth just then. "Ssschhh," Karen said. She sat just beside him and for once didn't have her wide brimmed, white hat on. Perhaps she wasn't stupid enough to wear it when the sun wasn't out, after all.

"What are you doing here! And why aren't you all 'uuh, catch me a Blitzle, I'm super strong but can't do a blasted thing myself or I'll break a fingern-'"

"Sschh," Karen repeated, with the face of a kindergarten teacher who didn't really listen to the ramblings of a child she had to take care of, putting her hand over his mouth once again. "It is completely simple. The bigger Blitzle is the leader of this herd. The smaller is challenging him. By the unenthusiastic looks of the rest of the herd, this is not the first time this exact thing has happened and everyone is likely believing that the smaller Blitzle will lose again. A pointless fight, it is."

Aberdeen clenched his fists and growled. "My Blitzle? Lose? Never! Sure, it lost against me, but that was just necessary!"

Karen blinked. "It is your Blitzle? Why is it out here in the middle of the night and not inside your pokéball?"

"Firstly, I don't think it's fun to keep the pokémon inside those tiny balls all the time. Do you? Secondly, he probably just wanted some fresh air so he went out from our room and wandered off and then this big bad, evil Blitzle boss came and-"

"That is totally not how it happened," Karen said, once again putting on the kindergartenteacherface. "You are more incompetent than I thought."

"I'm not!" Aberdeen said and stood up just as his Blitzle managed to dodge an especially nasty looking Tackle from his opponent. "Blitzle!" he called out, and his pokémon actually turned around and stared at him in surprise. So did the rest of the herd, and wondered if they should flee or not. But their leader growled menacingly at the boy so they stayed.

Servine and Karen remained hidden in the grass, giving each other looks of hopelessness and not at all agreeing with Aberdeen's actions.

"You can do this! Come on, I'll help!"

Blitzle looked from his supposed trainer back to the zebra boss and wondered if he should be thankful or ashamed. The boss turned back to him though, and brought on another magnificent Charge. Blitzle decided to get back into the battle as well and was just about to ready a Charge too, when Aberdeen stopped him by running up and coming to stand just a few meters beside him.

"Don't do that, it won't help the battle," he said with a serious face. "Listen, if you want to win you have to apply other tactics! Use Tail Whip!"

Blitzle sighed and obeyed, just because why not? He knew he'd lose anyways. He just... he just couldn't give up without a fight. That was not in his brave nature. He flailed his tail and caught the attention of the boss.

"Use Quick Attack!" Aberdeen shouted, and while the boss was distracted, Blitzle did so. Swiftly, he dashed forward and hit the boss in its side with a nasty noise and pushing him back. The boss neighed high and Charged again. This affected Blitzle, who automatically wanted to Charge as well; it was a sign of power among them to have the flashiest Charge attack.

"No, use Tail Whip again instead!" Aberdeen called out. Blitzle didn't like it... but he obeyed once again, flailing his flashing tail around instead of charging up energy for a display. The boss clearly was more brawl than brains; he got distracted again.

"Quick Attack!" Aberdeen shouted, almost running along side Blitzle as the attack was performed and this time hit the boss straight in the chest, making him topple over backwards onto his back in the mud near the creek. The herd of Blitzle on the other side all gasped.

"Watch out, get over here!" Aberdeen said quickly, somehow feeling that the zebra on the ground would try something dirty now. He was right. The boss flailed his legs around to get up and at the same time tried to kick Blitzle, who had remained just nearby after the attack. But thanks to Aberdeen, it bolted away to the boy's side instead and avoided the kicks. The boss got up, furious now. But also panting; it was injured.

Karen had dropped her jaw. She was still sitting in the grass some ways away, Servine beside her with a content grin To be honest, he hadn't thought this would work, but Aberdeen's naive mind was fearless enough to erase everything that didn't matter from the task at hand and focus on the battle only. It was a wonder that he even reminded to pay attention to the environment. It was also probably good that the only cute girl around was Karen, someone that Aberdeen wasn't the least bit interested in for some reason. Karen just didn't believe what she was now witnessing. The boy was crazy to step in between two wild pokémon fighting for power, but it was even more crazy that the pokémon actually listened to him. So it was true then? He really had already captured it?

"Tail Whip!"

This time, the boss didn't fall for it and instead induced his own Quick Attack, charging towards the Blitzle who had now moved to stand just beside the creek. "NO!" Aberdeen gasped. "Quick-" No, there wasn't enough time.

But someone else was apparently still faster than everyone else here. The boss never reached Blitzle, because all of a sudden, his front legs were wrapped by some green vines and pulled downwards. Instead of striking the smaller zebra, he was dragged down face first into the dirt and landed with his back into the whirling creek. Crackling water flew up in the night and the herd in front of him gasped once again and ran up to the creek to see if he was alright. The water was shallow enough to not cover the boss even when lying down though. He looked more surprised than anything, but fainted before he had time to give Aberdeen's Blitzle another mean look.

Both Aberdeen and his zebra turned around and Karen stood up. Aberdeen laughed. "Servine, pal!"

The grass type had jumped up in the nick of time and helped his ally with the Vine Whip. Blitzle stared at him. The reptile who had defeated him before. When he had challenged another member of his herd, he had been driven away and laughed at when he lost. But when he had challenged this pokémon and lost, it instead wanted to help him and be his friend. So defeat could strengthen bonds as well as sever them? Blitzle was so confused, but then saw the look in Servine's eyes and the cool grin beneath them. Just chill, pal, the look said.

"Oooh!" Karen exclaimed and walked out from the tall grass, looking at everyone with rapid eyes. "I should... capture this large Blitzle now!"

"Hang on, first I catch a Ponyta for you and then you try to catch a Blitzle whom I defeated? What's wrong with you! I don't believe that you were actually winning things on Route 1!" Aberdeen snapped angrily.

Karen stared at him with an equally angered face. Her lips turned thin but she didn't say anything else, just crossed her arms and stood still.

The herd had realized that their boss was defeated. Some of them were crossing the creek with menacing neeeighs at Aberdeen's Blitzle now. He tried to tell them that he had won now and that they should leave him alone, but they were just angry. Then, Servine stepped in between again.

"That's right, pals," Aberdeen told the herd, walking up to stand with the grass type at the edge of the creek. "He's on our team now. So let him go already! Servine?" The grass snake smiled its devious smile again, actually making the Blitzle herd nervous. "Growth!" A green light enveloped Servine, who made the illusion of getting bigger all of a sudden. The zebras backed away from the creek again.

"Heh, they'll need one last push to get the hell out of here," Aberdeen snickered, once again not making his mother proud with his language. "Vine Whip!"

The vines merely touched the closest zebras but they screamed and ran back into the trees anyways, leaving the fainted boss and the boy and his team alone at last. As Aberdeen high fived Servine's unwilling tail, Blitzle watched them and still tried to puzzle all the pieces together in his head. Maybe... maybe he'd give this a chance after all.

@ Breezy.
I assume the pink Nidoran you caught was a male one ^^ I really like the details you put into the post! Fun, yours and Trey's team are becoming opposites ^^

- Wartortle grew to lvl 12!
- Meredith's new Nidoran♂ is on lvl 8!

@ Sir Bastian

Awesome rival! Hahahha. Really creative!

- Blair grew to lvl 13 and learned Quick Attack!
- Adam's new Nidoran♂ is on lvl 7!... but...
- Nidoran♂ grew to lvl 9 and learned Double Kick!

@ me

- Servine grew to lvl 14!
- Blitzle grew to lvl 9!
paired to a seeker.
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