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    I'll be posting my SU today. At least the human portion of it. That dragon part needs a tiny bit more thouht.

    EDIT: Woot, finally done with SU! I think i'm pretty happy with the results.

    Name: Tobi Gustav
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Tall about 6ft

    An image i find strikingly similar to how would look(minus the long-ish hair, scarf and guantlet). Credit to Wuglord @

    Dark-skinned, brown eyes, with short, straight and short black hair that is even all around his head not passing the ridge of his forehead.His bodily stucture is slim but slightly muscular due to his training. However aside from that small factor he doesnt really catch the eye or stand out that much from the crowd. Tobi distains wearing much jewlery such as earings, but does wear a gold ring adorned with a green emerald in the middle that was given to him by his mother. Not much perfering to wair armor and likes to stay light, Tobi usually wears a casuall shirt and a hoodied jacket. His sword:
    was a present to him by his father upon reaching 16.

    Personality: Usually reserved and quiet you wont often see him in any big conversation. However Tobi's personallity is a bit of a tabuu in the respect that although he doesnt excell in large crowds, he can do just fine in very small groups of familiar people and is very social in familiar situations. You could say the only situation where Tobi doesnt communicate well at all is when he's talking about himself or personal issues, of which he would rather avoid than openning up which he finds awkward and can be somewhat defiant of authority he doesnt agree with.

    Despite that, outwardly Tobi is a very kind person who enjoys the company of other people yet greatly enjoys breif periods of peace and alone time(during halfway of which he longs for company again as lonelyness doesnt suit him well). However ever since his bond with Triton, all they need to feel content was the presence of eachother. When he feels like getting away from it all he usually aimlessly rumagess around the forrest practing spells. Usually hes the kinda guy that brings a calming air into the atmosphere. Always wanting to help others and being an overall friendly person. However he is slightly irritable in uncomfortable situations and his first impressions of others sorta stick until he gets to know them better.

    History: Tobi is the only child of a wealthy mother and father. His father is a middle ranking royal Knight of Banloress. Thus he grew up with some of the better things he needed in life. His father trains him to be a fully fledged Knight one day however Tobi has refused the position more than once in preference of a simpler life. Reguardless, Tobi still takes on sorcery, swordfighting, survival, and daily physical training to keep in peak form.

    Even though Tobi had basically astounding performance in all these taks/trainings, its nothing he found himself convicted to do. Time and time again Tobi would express his discontent with such a bound life. As such on his 17 he announced that he wanted to travel abroad and see the rest of Forgona. His mother was distraught with the idea at first, but his dad was the first to see how this journey would develop his son into a man. As such, his father helped him pack him everything he needed to survive. Had only Tobi listened more carefully about the dangerous that await him just outside of Banloress.

    As Tobi gleefully ventured off into the Oldkin Dessert, he was unprepared for a viscious sandstorm that nearly wiped him out. Some of his supplies, washed away in the dessert sands and painfully lost and too at loss of energy for any spells. Upon passing out the next day the last thing Tobi saw and felt were a harsh light and a gust of wind. The next thing he knew, he was in the Kin'unda clinic being taken cared for by its docters. They said he appeared at village out of nowhere unconcious. As surreal as it seemed the docters took care of the boy in need free of charge. When Tobi recovered and said his goodbyes he headed out into the treacherous dessert again with provisions from the village, this time at night when it was cooler.

    Before Tobi got far, he was confronted by a large magnificent yellow drake that decended right in front of him. At first Tobi was startled by the dragon. However the golden drake knelt its head down and lowered something of which it was carrying in its mouth. It was Tobi's missing sack! The rest of Tobi's keepsakes and supplies were all preseved inside. As Tobi realised the Drake was the one who saved him, an abrupt rush of sweeping emotions filled befuddled him. It was unti Tobi looked into the dragon's eyes that they were coming from him. After that encounter they were constant companions. Although their journey out of the dessert was a trial, it was worlds easier with Triton(the name Tobi had given him) since he practically lived in the dessert.

    Over the corresponding years the two have trecked horizontaly over the land of Forgona, taking up small and short jobs here and there while assisting any lost travelers on their way and generally enjoy helping others. As of now, they are making their way torwards Issathon to see what awaits them.

    Occupation: Wandering traveler, hunter, takes on any jobs that come his way.

    Spells known:

    Potent Cure: A spell that can minor-mid wounds, infections, and certain illnesses or just simply transfer strength. Drains the user's physical energy in proportion to the ailment or wound healed.

    Eagle Eye: Gives the user dramatic and pinpoint perception of everything within range of sight, being able to see things from far distances as well as hightening reflexes. Will very slightly strain the eyes if used longer than five minutes.

    Elemental: Gives minor manipulation of the elements of Earth, water, fire, and air being able to use them as projects, small sheilds, or wepons, it can also be used in other ways.
    Such as; Earth- crafting items from stone, Air- increased agility or a tailwind, Fire- Melding, lighting candles Water- creating small air pockets underwater

    Illusionist: If one were to look into the user's eyes, it will put the victom under an illusion of the user's choice for a short period of time. Approximately 3 minutes max. Another visual spell and cannot be used in rapid succesion(depending on how long the illusion was).

    Dragon Species: Light Drake
    Name: Triton
    Gender: Male
    Age: Adolescent
    The picture of the example you showd of a light drake in the introduction, is absolutely excellent at depicting how I would like Triton to look like, albeit in his adualt stage
    Even in his adolecent stage Triton is a dragon to behold. A marvelous wingspan, narrow snout with an intelligent gaze and golden scales that seem to glow vibrantly under bright sunlight, many people would rather gaze at such as regal looking dragon than run and hide. The horns on his head are almost reaching the size of adualhood and has three scale plates that run down the neck. Although a dragon of tremendous strength and durability that hasnt been trumped by any other dragons his age so far, his sleek build gives him good manuverability and speed in the air.

    Personality: Triton is more of a passive and wise dragon than anything else. Preferring to obseerve the world around him rather than get envolved in unnecessary quarrels. As a Light Drake, Triton prides in his abillity to passively stun agressors. If further provoked he can amp up his light magic to create a flash bang of sorts to immobilize and temporaily blind an attacker. However he would hardly ever consider completely burning someone's eyes the point of perma-blindness.

    Triton is very curious and inquisitive. Triton and Tobi have an extreemly tight relationship and can more often than not, intercept eachother's emotions and interpret eachother's needs. Although Triton isnt known to be an agressive dragon, he can be downright ferocious when Tobi is in danger, and can sometimes be overprotective. Despite that he has no problems befriending other dragons/animals but only trusts other humans that Tobi considers allies. His quick wit is what usually pulls Tobi and himself out of any dangers that they mind find themselves into.

    Sample RP:

    It was sunset and Tobi was cooking his portion the the deer Triton had hunted in a bonfire created with a fire spell. Triton had his fill and rests pressed to Tobi's side. Triton prodded Tobi with a wing uupon sensing an uneasy feeling in his trainer.

    Tobi chuckled. "Oh, its nothing." Tobi sighed and gazed up at the moon and stars that gazed down at the forrest around them. "I guess you could say I'm just nervous at the thought of getting to Issathon. I dont know why exactly, because I come from a fortess myself. Its just we've been out and about between small villages and the wilderness for so long. And theres that thing about dragons disapearing and people falling ill..."

    Triton grunted and shook his head, as if willing his friend to dismiss these thoughts.

    Tobi patted his draggon on the head. "Yea I guess you're right. No use getting cold feet now. And we have a big day ahead of us tommorow. Before we get to Issathon we'll pass by Itim. The pevious village said we'd be sure to find some supplies there". Tobi then put out the fire, and they both drifted off in peaceful slumber.


    The next day the two where about a mile from the village when they heard an alarming scream. Tobi imediately mounted Triton's back and they two strode through the undergrowth of the forrest until they came to a clearing. It seemed to be a hooded theif was trying to rob a young damsel, holding her by the neck with a pocket knife.

    The hooded assaulter chuckled. "Why do you make this so difficult? Just tell me wear you hid the gold peices and i'll let you go."

    The bold young woman spat and retorted sharply, "Lies! How do I know you wont just kill me after I tell you?? I'd rather let my mother's riches rott before I give them to a brute like you!"

    The man's grip tightened in fustration. "Dont trifle with me! I'm no longer amused by this little game of-". Before the theif could utter another word, a sharp blast of light and sound the man causing him to fall to the ground with a sharp yelp, confused and stunned. Seconds after he feels a sharp blow to the cranium and his knocked unconcious. Upon his awakening he is bound tightly tree with nothing to ponder but his immenent arrest as soldriers from the village of Itim stride torwards his location, curtesy of a selfless dragon and his rider.
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