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Originally Posted by Sir Bastian View Post
Definitely a possibility Red. And don't feel you made me redecide on my plans I just don't want my rival showing up and being an arse to be some kind of event that happens in every post. I can save this goodie for later.

I'm thinking I should make some kind of joined post with someone else. They go into the forest, kinda trying to keep each other safe, and something happens to make them end up completely bloody lost from one another, and Adam could then run into Aberdeen once stuff has happened.

Meaning, I'd still like someone to have some interactiationions with Adam, if they're up for it!

P.S. Writing with me doesn't need to be a joined post, can just be shorter posts between the two of us. I'm pretty flexible :3
Ahahahahah your Nidoran spread his legs in your last post. XD

Regarding joint posts, I'm up for it but I have to make my first IC post before it can happen. GOTTA CATCH UP ON TEH READINZ FIRST THOUGH. D:
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