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    Originally Posted by rajvir View Post
    I am guessing you guys did not see my responce so I am reposting Sorry to bug you guys but I don't know what to do. I currently have seven badges and have seen Mewtwo and Deoxsis kill Giovanni and been made team rocket leader. To continue to vino town or other places I need waterfall which I do not have what am I supposed to do now?
    Yo dude, after becoming the leader of team rocket you simply have to go to the 8th gym in crimson city. The gym leader, prof. oak, has already returned as he told you himself after the giovanni event. If you win his badge, hes gonna give you the HM 06 waterfall.
    No offense dude, but this has been answered quite often up until now

    Oh btw, im at the same spot: what does your team look like? Im still not sure about half my team. Up until now the only ones staying are ampharos, magmar and blastoise :/
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