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    Well first of all, I juuuust want to ask, what's you're general direction of your team? Is there a specific plan you had in mind? Or a specific gamestyle? Well, it kind of seems that you'd want to go all out offense, even though there are specific pokemon that can perform the roles that your pokemon holds better, but, if you say you don't want to use popular pokemon, than it's up to you.

    Buuut just a few suggestions:

    I would use Life Orb > Scope Lens for Durant. Life Orb is overall the better choice of item despite this decreasing Durant's survivability. While Hustle increases your Durant's attack stat by 50%, Life Orb will also increase your attack by 1.3. So, that will mean that assuming that your Durant has max attack (348), it'll increase by 50%, and the attack will times by 1.3, which will come about to 679 Attack, giving you more opportunities to 2HKO - OHKO certain pokemon without relying on a crit. Also, try Hone Claws > Crunch , since Hustle increases Durant's Attack but lowers its accuracy, which makes Hone Claws a great move for it; Hone Claws not only increases its accuracy, but also its Attack, which are both key elements for a sweep.

    If you want to use Mienshao, try using Life Orb > Black Belt, because not only it will give Mienshao more power, Mienshao can recover the recoil damage from Life Orb with Regenerator anyway. I also recommend Choice Scarf if you want to use an Adamant nature, just to patch up it's speed. I prefer using Hi Jump Kick > Drain Punch for a stronger fighting move, but that's up to you; both moves can work fine. I'd also advice using Aerial Ace > Poison Jab, perhaps Fake Out > Poison Jab, or if you can, Hidden Power [Ice] > Poison Jab. Poison moves aren't that versatile in competitive play (besides Toxic, Toxic Spikes, or maybe Sludge Bomb), and so, if you stick to moves like Aerial Ace, you'll gain more coverage (against Fighting, Bug, Grass). Hidden Power Ice can hit things like Gliscor or Salamence as well.

    For your Galvantula, I recommend something like Life Orb > Zap Plate or Choice Specs > Zap Plate. Again, they provide more power for your other moves. I also recommend Thunder > Electro Ball. With a Modest nature, you'll won't be that fast contending with certain pokemon, even if it's base speed is 108. So, you'll miss out on a lot of OHKOs. Now with Thunder, while normally it's inaccurate, Compoundeyes will boost it straight up to 91% accuracy, in which Thunder is also a far better move on picking up 2HKOs or even OHKOS. I also recommend Giga Drain > Energy Ball, because healing yourself is far more efficient, and maybe something like Volt Switch > Thunder Wave, because you don't need something like Thunder Wave if you're using Thunder, and plus, Volt Switch + U-turn from your Mienshao is a really great combination for scouting, and for keeping momentum.

    Now, Snorlax - it's far too slow for a Belly Drum set, unless you're using Trick Room, which you don't have. So, why don't you try a Choice Band set? Normally, a Snorlax with Choice Band has these moves:

    ~ Return / Body Slam
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Pursuit
    ~ Fire Punch / Crunch

    You don't need Zen Headbutt, because you'll ultimately want to maximize your power, and give you better coverage options. With your EVs, it can definitely make it possible. However, this set will prefer you to use Adamant > Impish. Then again, if you want to stick with Rest, with an Impish nature, try a Rest Talk set:

    ~ Body Slam / Return
    ~ Rest
    ~ Sleep Talk
    ~ Whirlwind

    That way, you'll have better surviviability, and Whirlwind can be handy of Phasing out pokemon that likes to set-up. But, it's just a matter of your preference.

    And well, that's all for my suggestions. Again, there are good pokemon out there that can perform the roles better than the pokemon you've listed, such as Rotom-W > Galvantula, and Jirachi > Durant. But again, it's all up to you on what you want to do. I just recommend you check out some other pokemon too, and see if you like any pokemon that can fit in your team better. I recommend checking out smogon's competitive pokemon list as they explain a wide variety of pokemon, and their roles, and their movesets.

    Hope this helps, and good luck to your future battles. :3

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