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    Alexander was eating alongside Brenton. The dragon was tearing into a large watermelon. Alexander himself had a cantelope. The pair abhored meat. They ate fruit and vegetables all the way. When Alexander finished, he looked to the oddly long Kirin. "Well buddy...I have an idea." He had to stand up. His sheath was impeding his sitting ability. "We need to go into town. Preferably Issathon. I don't know why, but I feel like we must." Alexander had been thinking a lot, even more than usual. He brushed a brown lock from his forehead. Brenton nodded and got on his knees, and Alexander swung up and took his seat in the saddle. "Let's go buddy."

    The Kirin didn't have wings, so they bounded across the plains. Nothing could out-match their speed. Brenton had limitless energy. Alexander loved the feeling of the wind rushing through his hair. His helmet captured the sun's rays and reflected them, causing a bright flash to go off every time he bumped or jostled. These rides are what made Alexander who he was. He relished the way Brenton moved, the wind, the passing landscape. He just loved it all. He cried out in joy. They would be at Issathon in no time.
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