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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
The popularity of the shooter genre is to blame for Resident Evil and Silent Hill's downhill. Because of it, ZombiU, a AAA survival horror title that everyone has been waiting for, has been bashed by U.S. critics for not being action-based.

I thought the sequel was set to be released last year?

That's where you're wrong. I've seen a lot of people online, mostly on My Nintendo News, complaining about Revelations no longer becoming a 3DS exclusive, because it shows Capcom is really lazy.
They're idiots, plain and clear. Fanboys spouting nonsense. Capcom is a business first and foremost, set on getting money. Revelations sold decently but not enough. So they decided to put it on the consoles to get some more money out of it, nothing smells of laziness. And I doubt 50 people not buying it out of thousands is going to make a difference. As a 3DS owner, Revelations on a console is better, thanks to Nintendo's shenanigans with the circle pad pro. Its playable without it, but god was that awkward. (only played the demo but still)
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