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I... kinda want to step in here and clean up two things which've been said so far that I feel to be huge misconceptions. They are the idea that this is the natural selection of humans at work and that we've not yet cured diseases because people aren't willing to invest the money.

For the natural selection argument - no, it's not the selection of humans at all here. It's natural selection of the bacteria leading to issues caused for humans so saying that this is alright because it's picking out the humans who can survive is... objectively wrong. Natural selection isn't at work with humans here - it's pot luck whether or not an individual is unlucky enough to play host to a bacterium that manages to evade the action of antibiotics. It's present on the bacterial level and really shouldn't be confused with natural selection on the human level which, although is still present in some areas, isn't at work here.

As for the money one - not sure where these claims are coming from that someone somewhere getting paid more will allow us to cure diseases. I don't think people often realise just how difficult a disease can be to simply cure and I don't think people realise that throwing money at something won't just make it work. Believe it or not, a hell of a lot of hard work is going on to try and fix stuff like this and to say that it's not because the money isn't there is hugely undermining the hard work of people who actually put the R&D time into new drugs. A perfect cure to any disease that isn't incredibly rare is going to bring in huge profits for drug companies and huge recognition in the industry for the research teams who came up with them. Those cures just aren't there because we've not yet got to them.

Originally Posted by Renpuu
I've worked in the care industry, I've seen good care homes and bad ones, I've heard nightmare stories of healthcare. In the end there is no surprise that these "super bugs" known as MRSA are affecting public hospitals in the United Kingdom.
If you go to a hospital usually the doctors/surgeons are the ones who speak very clear English, are articulate and know what they are doing. Most nurses on wards are immigrants who chose to work in healthcare because they are always in demand for people, same as being a support/care worker. Most of them their English is very limited so how can you expect them to be able to "follow instructions to perfection" when they can't understand what you are talking to them about.
You've worked in care homes which employ nurses who can't understand what you're talking about? Nursing qualifications are seriously hard work (or at least, in the UK, which I assume is where you are given your NHS reference) to get and to say that an immigrant can just come over and waltz into a care home without knowing what they're on about... sounds kinda off to me. An immigrant nurse is just as articulate in their field as an immigrant doctor is. Nursing is a tough profession that you've gotta have worked hard for and have had a good amount of educational experience in to be able to enter into fully. Not honestly too sure why you feel nurses are inarticulate or incapable of following instructions.
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