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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
I don't completely agree. Sure, I disagree that Capcom isn't lazy because of this, but I don't think the controls deterred many people from buying the game (in fact, I've heard very little about it being awkward or annoying to control, and playing it myself, I didn't think so, either) and all I heard was praise for the amazing graphics, the terrifying atmosphere, and the gameplay, with or without the Pro. The reason it didn't sell entirely well, the way I see it, was because of the lack of advertising, as well as the fact that the 3DS didn't have nearly as big a fan or userbase then as it does now.

I mean, I'm glad it's coming to the other systems, but if someone asked which system to get it for, I'd still say, "definitely take the 3DS version for a spin," as it is a great example of what makes the 3DS unique and what the 3DS is capable of, and it's great for the price (and it's portable). Of course, I'd next say go PC, because that will (likely) be the definitive home version.
Oh I'm not saying that the controls effected the sales at all, I'm just saying that for me its a good thing that its coming to other consoles, cause for me it was awkward. I know that the controls can be great if I gave it some more time, but I would prefer to by it on the Wii U eventually, considering how it might have some new stuff besides one new enemy.
Also, who would have thought that it was a success, even if they wanted a sliver more of sales. Guess they're banking on the console version to fill that gap.
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