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    Chapter 2: The dark figure


    A woman voice is heard in every dormatory and in the school, she sounds very peppy.

    "Good morning students from 3C!
    Rise and shine and get ready for class!"

    "Today the local school mall is opened from 1 pm till 5 pm, feel free to stop by!"

    "You'll have two classes today from your homeroom teacher Higoroshi-sensei, Youkai studies and Youkai history.
    Class ends at 12.30 pm today, make sure to make this day another usefull one! Oh! and class starts at 8.30 am! hehe I almost forgot~ have a nice day!"

    The woman was finally done speaking and interupting the lives of these students. She trew away the note she was reading from into the nearby trash bin and while doing that she saw a dark figure infiltrating the school and cassually making his way to the graveyard, what was happening...?


    Priority Mission: Go to class!
    Go to school till 12.30 am and find out why the teachers are acting careful. The graveyard is off-limit.

    Things to do:
    • Go to Youkai studies class
    • Go to Youkai history class
    • Try to find out why the teachers are acting strange.

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