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Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
This is what i found about set healing, as far as i could tell, im doing it right, the worst part is that in my old hack i used this same script, and it worked fine, so i dont know what could be the problem. o-o
Version 0.2 (beta)

- repaired missing std commands (give item scripts)

- Fixed small bug in the Swarm-Roam special and hack, now allowing for
compatibility with the Wild data switch.

- Added to the Swarm-roam the capability to overwrite the level hack,
allowing for Roaming pokemon (1 in 0x8006) to have a different level

- Added three more slots to the Wild data switch, allowing you to replace
dynamically all of the 4 datas without the need to ovewrite the last
used one.

- Sethealingplace command changed. now, it REQUIRES three variables to be
set in order to work

.align 2

/*this code is meant to ovewrite the "choose warp" part of the
special 0xc8 (the blackout script).
this code uses three consecutive variables to create that warp
because this code is much smaller than the original, it will be
inserted over it, starting at 0x080bfd54*/

/*this will allow the code to compile correctly, but this output
cannot replace the one in this folder, as it's too big and would
corrupt the package.*/
.org 0xbfd54
replacer_code: ldr r0, var_405a
bl 0x6e568
lsl r1, r0, #0x18
lsr r0, r0, #0x8
lsr r1, r1, #0x18
strb r1, [r4]
strb r0, [r4, #0x1]
mov r0, #0xff
strb r0, [r4, #0x2]
ldr r0, var_405b
bl 0x6e568
lsl r0, r0, #0x10
lsr r0, r0, #0x10
strh r0, [r4, #0x4]
ldr r0, var_405c
bl 0x6e568
lsl r0, r0, #0x10
lsr r0, r0, #0x10
strh r0, [r4, #0x6]
b 0x0bfdf4
.hword 0x0000
var_405a: .word 0x0000405a
var_405b: .word 0x0000405b
var_405c: .word 0x0000405c

/*Pokecenter script 0x1A8D97
mother script (activated with 0x1) 0x1A8DD8*/
Just out of curiosity... Did you use the patch or the application? You may not have the changes with the application. This could be the difference between your two roms, if it is indeed the exact same script.

Here is what I found:

SetHealingPlace difference

At a request, this command was changed to allow a greater number of healing points, that is to say nearly infinite (or at least the full map range of 65536 maps). This code was altered to a point of near-redundancy.
Originaly, this code was a direct correlation between the Flight table and a table of PokéCenters and XY coordinates where the player would appear on. Now, we can add flight points by re-pointing the table to a new location and create more Flight flags on the map. But you could only appear on the PokéCenter the original flight table told you to. In fact, SetHealingPlace only placed the pre-determined flight position in memory, close to the escape-rope data. If you tried to set the flying number higher than the original one, the game would cancel the setting.

The new version uses three variables, 0x405a, 0x405b and 0x405c as the map, X-position and Y-position respectively. The map is placed in the format 0xmmBB, being BB the Bank number and mm the map number. In AdvanceMap, the map number and bank are presented in Decimal form, so you need to place them in Hexadecimal form.

For instance, to use the PokéCenter in Indigo Plateau (13,0), you would use setvar 0x405a 0x000d. To place them in the right place for the nurse, you would also use setvar 0x405b 0x000d setvar 0x405c 0x000c

In the end, this method replaces SetHealingPlace altogether, and the old way doesn’t work anymore. Using Sethealingplace is only useful in one occasion, and that is because sethealingplace 0x1 is the only one that doesn’t call the default nurse animation. So, you can use sethealingplace 0x0 for all pokecenters and sethealingplace 0x1 for the places where there isn’t a healing machine (like a campsite in the florest)

And this is it for now. All the new features explained (some better than others, I admit). Now, I will add a small section of credits for the people I am grateful, and without which this hack could not exist or at least would have been much harder to make.
You did get the .doc that came with your download, correct?

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