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Victoria "Alys" Taimor - The Broken Keg, Dalenham

Victoria didn't have time to thank Ava as she was lost into the fray of flying fists and hurtling bottles. The floor beneath her feet was covered in shards of glass and wood amongst a mixture of blood, sweat and mead. She was injured more than before; her shoulder now aching much more than it had before and several cuts were slowly coagulating on her face and bare skin.

Victoria looked around her, trying to find a way to escape, but all around her, hot, angry bodies collided with each other. The bad backed onto the far side of the tavern, possibly opening up into an alleyway or into a house beyond where the owners live; either way, it was a no go. The door was somewhere off to the side, but would be blocked by most of the fighting if it hadn't already sprawled out onto the streets. Over the roar of the crowd, she heard the sharp, shattering sound of a window being broken and an idea finally formed in her mind.

With her arm out of order for the time being, Victoria crawled beneath a small, two person table just as soon as someone was dragged off of it to join the brawl. On her knees with her back straight against the flat wood of the table, she took a couple of breaths in order to prepare herself. What she was about to do was crazy, but she still continued to look behind her, waiting for the perfect moment where her way would be free.

There! The light streamed through the window covering Victoria's body in it's white glow and she suddenly launched up from her feet, wheeling backwards and feeling the table collide with the window, glass showering down upon her. Turning quick before someone grabbed her, Victoria vaulted with her un-injured arm, leaving the hot, sticky brawl behind and feeling a cool wave of air wash over her.

Victoria's moment of victory was short lived as could not see any sign of Ava and was tempted to jump back into the brawl to find her. Retreating into the shadows across the road from the tavern, she watched patiently for Ava to exit, all the while trying to keep an eye out for any of the other members from their band of mercenaries to emerge.
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