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    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Teachers dorm -> Classroom 13

    Ryuu woke up from the woman speaking through the intercom and soon found out she didn't tell his students what equipment they had to bring with them and to which classroom they had to go. "How troublesome…" Ryuu stood up and pulled on his teacher suit, he had no time to shower and proceeded to the school building. There he saw some dark figure making his way to the graveyard.

    "Hey! Who are you!" he shouted at the person, but he ran away and Ryuu found it too troublesome to chase him. "I'll inform the headmaster about this…" Ryuu immediately suspected fairytale, but didn't want to make a fuss of it yet. Once he reached the room where the microphone to the intercom stands, the woman stood up and glanced at him. "Higoroshi-sensei! I-" Ryuu interupted the woman. "I saw it, don't tell anyone yet." he glanced at the microphone, then at the Neko lady. "Can I lean it?" he asked her. The woman nodded and stepped back as Ryuu took his seat.

    "Hello, this is a message for the students from 3C." a voice chimed through the whole school and every dormatory. "Your first class will be Youkai species, don't bring any equipment except for a pencil and I expect you to be in classroom 13 at 8.30 am, this was Higoroshi-Sensei." Ryuu left the audio room.

    He made his way to the 3th floor of the school, the floor where the headmasters room was. Ryuu knocked and the door strangely opened out of itself. "Whats wrong Higoroshi-sensei?" the headmaster smiled.

    "Fairytale." Ryuu only said and the headmasters smile faded away. "I see… don't do anything…" He turned around and glanced at a photo on the wall. "I'll send the right people."

    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 2: food!

    Nami got complimented by Elene and immediately stopped singing. It was Elene's turn to show what she got, and she really did. At the moment she started singing Nami listened carefully to the beautiful voice, it was litterally like music in the ears. Elene stopped quickly and it kind of dissapointed Nami. "That was good… very good." Nami commented.

    Elene's hair changed colors, same went for her eyes. Seems like she was going to her human form and the difference in personalities was pretty obvious. She went to sleep and wished Nami good night. "Y-Yeah… good night~" Nami went over to her own bed and as her hair changed to black and her eyes changed to sparkling brown, she pulled on her pj's. Nami fell asleep the moment she pulled her blanket over her thin body.

    Nami woke up from an intercom speech. As soon as it was finally over she got out of bed and pulled on her uniform. She yawned and glanced at the sleeping Elene before she left the room. She really needed some blood right now, to the cafeteria!

    She left the girls dormatory and proceeded to the cafeteria inside the school. The woman behind the counter was a little bit groomy but gave her pancakes and a blood bag. "You look like you don't eat much…" she said to her. "I'm not a big eater in the morning, around dinner I get hungry." Nami took her food and smiled at the woman, even though she didn't smile back.

    On a table not far away from her she saw Takumi sitting. "Great! Then I don't have to sit alone~" Nami thought and made her way to his table. "Good morning~" Nami greeted him and sat down. "Mind if I sit here?" she asked him, but clasped her fangs in the blood bag before she got an answer.

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