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    I should have my SU up by day's end. I'm assuming by the first post that there is still a werewolf available, right?

    (Also, I would like to know more about this local bar)

    Edit: Here is my SU

    Name: Yorick Amherst Lee
    Nickname: Rick (or Ammy by his parents)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Werewolf

    Personality: Yorick is very curious and eager to learn new things. He is full of energy, most of which he devotes to asking question after question about things that interest him. He is also a very hard worker but becomes frustrated if he cannot accomplish something he has put a lot of effort into (which often happens with schoolwork). If something is difficult, he will not give up on it unless he figures it out, no matter what. When not racking his brain over something, Yorick will almost always wear a smile on his face. He does not quite understand the concept of hatred as any violence in the forest always had much more practical reasons for occurring and was never motivated by animosity. In an effort to be "civilized", Yorick will often speak in somewhat proper English (i.e. I am as opposed to I'm and the like) but he will also take things literally.

    History: Yorick was born in the Boreal Forest of Canada where his parents had built a small cabin to live in. In this way they would be able to live happily in the human world and still stay away from humans themselves (also neither of them were any good dealing with people, so in this way they kept away from other youkai as well). He grew up roaming freely and happily in the wilderness of the forest, hunting things such as Bison or Elk, which is his favorite. As he grew older, his parents began to feel that their home-schooling wasn’t enough, and they would need to find a proper school for him. However, they were not willing to send their precious “Ammy” to one of those awful human schools, so they decided to move to the Youkai realm. After spending about a year teaching him everything they thought he needed to live in civilization, they sent him off to Youkai academy.

    Weakness: Yorick is quite unversed in the ways of the world, and is thus easily confused or manipulated. Also, his fighting skill relies much on instinct, so while one would be hard pressed to defeat him in terms of speed or strength, out-braining him is a simple matter. Also, the promise of food is very difficult for him to resist.

    Other: In Yorick’s year in civilization, he by no means gave up his favorite foods but instead learned to cook them. Since then, cooking has become his hobby and he has become quite the expert at it. Also, Yorick has never actually met a human despite having lived in the human world, nor has he ever befriended any youkai since he mostly stayed home learning about society as opposed to experiencing it.

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