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Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
Parents. Tricky people they are. I love them and respect them, but good lord do I have my issues with em. My mother I'm fine with, but my father, I seriously am annoyed with him. Poor life decisions, screws up even if he's just trying to help his family, and I personally cannot get the attitude he has, oh at least I tried to help you guys. I understand the effort is something, but its not enough considering the current state of the economy, and the consequences of your actions in such a time.

Oh yeah, love your parents and what not, they're not gonna be here forever. Or something. I dunno I'm too conflicted...
That being said, I don't put much stock in the "love your family cause they're family" thing. I've had way more family members screw me over than friends that I chose, and feel like my small family is better off cause we cut off family members that harmed us as people.

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