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    Originally Posted by ChocolateCrunch View Post
    Name: ChocolateCrunch
    Partner Pokemon: Loopy the Lickilicky (the ultimate staller when it comes to Curse -> Rest -> Sleep Talk -> Dragon Tail -> Repeat!), Alex the Arceus (it makes Arceus sound all cute and little, but oh hell naw') and Teddy the Teddirusa (too cute, I can't breath).

    Reason for Joining: I've been talking to a friend at the Pokemon Showdown! server and he said to make friends, I think you should join up with a club. So here I am, signing up!
    Answer the current topic: Probably the fact that they are super effective against nothing which is a shame but they are so cute and every Pokemon most have the good points, and the bad points.

    Favorite Normal Type Move: Sleep Talk, why? Because it is the holy move that helps Lickilicky survive! :D

    Also a message to the Club founder, your signature is adorable!
    Hey, welcome to the club!!

    Its super cool that you decided to join cuz we'r all friends here. :cer_nod: And also, I see you like Lickylicy! I have a similar set, but mine goes like Protect, Heal Bell, Wish, and Dragon tail. Beast cleric/team supporter ftw!

    As for you're answer to the topic, I very much so agree its kinda lame normal isnt super effective against any time. But hey, its normal. Whatya gunna do?

    I guess another thing would be that most of the normal type lack certain stats or better sets of options that give them a hold of a good niche in higher tiers.