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    Fenne-kun's Emporium of Pokemon Town Themes

    Hello, Fenne-kun here! I've been making some themes, lately, and I decided to open a shop for it! :D Basically it goes like this - unlike other shops, it takes time for me to make a theme, SO, I will choose the best 1 in ~3 suggestions/requests and work on it. Normally it'll be done in 10 days. Remember - this is a CITY theme, not a battle theme, as I'm best at that style XD Maybe I can expand at a later date. Also, this is the link to my 'collection post'

    For those who would want to submit a request/suggestion, fill out this simple form! (Remember that I will choose 1 out of a small number, so yours might not get accepted, unfortunately, especially if there's more people sending me requests. If there's less, perhaps)

    FORM -

    City Theme (what kind of City would this be?) -
    Try describing it a little -
    Mood and atmosphere -
    Any preferred key? -
    Major/Minor key (basically a happier tone or a slightly sadder one. For Major check my 'Seaside Theme'. For Minor, check 'City of Souls')?
    Preferred Time Signature (you can leave this empty. Basically, for music people, choose between 3/4 (waltz-like) and 4/4) -
    Any legendary pokemon you can relate this theme to? (I always have a legendary pokmeon in my soundtrack video, preferably the one that 'resembles' it -
    Other -

    Also, note that these creations will also be put on youtube XD Anyway, see ya! :D

    - Fenne-kun

    Requests -
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