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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Your username rolls off the tongue pretty nicely. Welcome to the community. :D

Don't worry about not saying much, sometimes a shorter introduction is the better way to go. I'm pretty sure the intro thread I made when I joined on this account was like two lines long anyway aha. If you like Emerald you are my new best friend; that's my favorite Pokemon game and I almost always do challenges on it. <3; You can discuss Emerald over at our --- section if you're interested. All R/S and FR/LG talk also goes over there, so it's a great place for people interested in the third generation.

Pachirisu is so cute, especially the shiny one. Sucks it's so weak and hard to use though, when I first played Pearl I could barely use it past the second gym. ): Good luck with getting yours - I'm sure you'll get there eventually, all the wait will be worth it! Wish I had one to give you but sadly I do not; even if I did, I don't have WiFi so I wouldn't be able to trade. Hope you find one in the Trade Corner soon!

But if you're lost with the forum, you can always drop a moderator a message and we'll get back to you when we can! Never be to shy to contact a staff member. :D Or if you're not sure where to post something or have another simple question to ask about PC, post it in the --- thread.

Have a blast!
Um. Thanks.

Well, that's just me. At least it's the first introduction thread of yours. Great, I'm not the only one now, so I'm often lonely because I don't have anyone I know that haves Emerald..High 5~ And nice to hear about the challenges, but I usually like to train my considered useless Pokemon to level 100. And thanks, I'll have a look at it.

Yeah, it is really cute. That's why I use a Exp. share so I don't have to stress over about Pachirisu dying all the time. Well, I only used a team that's strong against the opponent.. Type matchups, you know. Thank you. It's been like half a year since I was looking for it and that's a fact. Well, that's fine but I won't give up.

Well, I'd use it as last resort so I'll drop in when I have severe problems of navigating my way round. (Just noticed you made a mistake with the HTML on the fourth paragraph)
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