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    Jercio Shade (Jason)

    Violet City, Academy

    ((Well I’m a little late aren’t I?))

    Jercio hurried over to a little dinner like restaurant nottoo far from the entrance to route 31. It wasn’t too special for games to lookor sound ultra-realistic, but when they smell and taste as great you know yougot something. Jercio had only ordered a tuna fish sandwich and an orange sodanothing fancy, but yet the meal was astounding. It was just data right? Was itsomething in his head where he thought it was so great so it was? It evensatisfied his hunger. Maybe all of this was in his head, ok so he knew it was,but everything else too: hunger, pain, time. It was just something in his mind.Before getting too philosophical Jercio remembered he had work to do, and leftfor the trainer school.

    He’d overheard two NPC students talking about the headmastergiving away an exp. Share. The item was always helpful for grinding level, soJercio had to have it. The school wasn’t anything too fancy, a bit big, but notfancy. Jercio had stopped by the PC on the way, and his pokemon were in primecondition for this. He burst through the doors a little too flamboyantlythrowing the double doors wide open and got a couple of odd stares for doingso. It was cooler in his head.

    Jercio shrugged off the looks having dealt with similarenough ones back home. The headmaster was holding the battles in a nearly emptyclassroom with only a battlefield outline on the floor, a clock on the wall,and some bleachers off to the side. Maybe it was a gymnasium, but it felt a bitsmall. Jercio spotted the headmaster on the opposite side of the room with fouryoung students. He looked like a posh old man with a couple of very gentlemanlyqualities like a perfectly kept mustache, a wooden cane, and a pocket watch.Jercio went over to the master and demanded to take the challenge. Theheadmaster replied in an upper class british accent,

    “In dubitably my young fellow. Go take up post on the lefthand side. Gregory will be your first opponent.”